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The oil should be pumped into the oil journals in a second or two. If you still have rod knocking, you still have problems. It could be piston slap or any of a number of problems, but rod knocking is most common. Have you checked your oil pressure? If oil pressure is up when the engine is running and the knocking continues, it's not a crankshaft problem.

2006-10-25 04:31:00
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Q: You changed the crankshaft on a 1989 z24 but the knocking noise wont go a way you talked to a mechanic and he told you to wait until the oil goes back up three days pass and the noise is still therean?
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Nissan Serena knocking?

But seriously a knocking as opposed to a clicking would point toward a bad crankshaft bearing.

Is a crankshaft pulley supposed to wobble?

NO - see your mechanic .

My 1987 Chevrolet caprice has a loud knocking noise and when there is more pressure on gas pedal it gets louder. What could be causing there and approx how much to repair?

this sounds like the big end bearings in engine are worn.this is an expensive repair,depending on how long the knocking has been knocking and whether the crankshaft has been damaged enought to need a new crankshaft.

What causes a loud knocking noise in front driver side of a 2001 Mazda?

It's the spirit of the car knocking on the side saying "HELLO??? TAKE ME TO A MECHANIC!"

Mazda rf diesil has knocking sound why?

extreme cold temperatures might cause Mazda rf diesil to make knocking sound , however; it is recommended that you get it checked from the mechanic.

If car is making a knocking noise?

possibly distributor. tow to mechanic . if you drive , you could damage your engine.

What is wrong if your '96 Camaro has no oil pressure and there is a knocking from the engine?

The bearings on the crankshaft are worn out. A complete engine overhaul is needed.

Why is the lifters knocking after you have changed all of them?

If they are hydraulic they need to be pumped in oil first.

How do you adjust festiva valves to stop a knocking?

Have the timing checked and adjusted by a mechanic. you may have to replace the lifter valves if they are getting stuck

What is the knocking noise from your 2000 Chevy Tracker that gets louder when I accelerate?

you probably threw a rod out, get it to a mechanic ASAP or you will have more problems.

What would cause loud knocking in rear wheel in a all wheel drive car?

A mosquito but i cant be sure because i am not a mechanic

How can you changed brakes rav4 2002?

you go to a mechanic and change*

Changed crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor now it won t start?

changed camshaft and crankshaft sensors in 2005 toyota tacoma 6 clyinder and now it wont start any idea what to try next

Why would check engine light stay on after crankshaft sensor is changed when code said crankshaft sensor is bad?

Check to see if the wiring is damaged.

Can a mechanic break the crankshaft while changing a timing belt on a 95 Ford Contour?

Yes, there's a special tool that is inserted into the crankshaft during this procedure. See If he forgot to remove the tool before he started the engine, it will do damage to the crankshaft.

What causes knocking noise from the shocks when you turn wheel?

your shocks or your brake pads are probly loose. You need to check them out. If that's not it then take it to a mechanic.

What could be the reason for a 'knocking' noise at low speeds coming from the front end of a 1998 Dodge Neon?

Sounds like your piston or rod. Please see a mechanic for a diagnosis and what it will cost before having the work done.

Your Daewoo lanos is making a knocking sound what do you do?

I would recommend taking it to a mechanic and have them listen to it. Everyone's definition of "knocking" is slightly different. Try not to drive it for too long; engine knocks can usually cause pretty severe damage to an engine.

How do you remove crankshaft pulley on Nissan Xterra?

You will need a tool called a puller to remove your crankshaft on your Nissan Xterra. You can purchase this toll at most auto parts stores, or borrow one from a shop or another mechanic.

If 98 4Runner timing belt was changed second time 198k 3k later crankshaft pulley has ground up key in same needing a replacement pulley would the mechanic be at fault?

It's hard to prove fault in these cases but the timing belt change requires removing the crankshaft pulley. So the mechanic would have had to have at least seen its condition. More likely, he damaged the pulley in the process of replacing the timing belt. Maybe he used an impact wrench when he reinstalled it and the key wasn't aligned correctly?

When does engine knocking occur?

Engine knocking occurs in a vehicle when there are misfires in the spark plug ignition causing an air/fuel mixture to explode outside the envelope of the normal combustion front. This condition could be very damaging to an engine if not checked by a mechanic.

Does the computer need to re programed after changing the crankshaft position sensor on a 2000 3.8 impala LS?

AFAIK no, you just need to do the crankshaft variation learn. If you don't have a scan tool with the required functionality, you will have to visit a mechanic.

How do you change a crankshaft angle sensor on a 2003 Kia Sedona?

It's fairly complicated. The sensor is located near the bottom to the engine behind the crankshaft pulley and timing belt cover. Not a job for an inexperienced do-it yourself mechanic.