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If you own (it is portable) the policy you can sell it. It is term so there is no cash value.

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Q: You currently have a 500000 term policy as a Lucent Technologies retiree you are 61 and need cash Can I borrow against death benefits?
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how do you contact southwestern bell benefit office

What is a legacy cost?

The cost of retiree pension, health, insurance, and other benefits to an employer.

What does this term retiree mean?

A retiree is a person who simply is retired. A retiree is typically above sixty years of age and had spent much of their life working a hard job. Often working for a large company, the worker will receive retirement benefits for themselves and their spouse.

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Where do i find out about a retiree pension?

You find information about your retiree pension from who ever employed you- your employer.

How do you sue the federal government for loss of benefits?

I am a military retiree. Retired in'91 after 20 years. Fully retired from service in 2001. Oct 2013 the Secretary of Defense cut retirement benefits earned in order to save some other program under his control and to meet his requirement to cut his annual budget. This was attempted in '91 but was repealed and benefits restored soon there after. I am considering court action against the government to have these benefits restored. What recourse do I have?

Can a retiree collect unemployment benefits if he has not been able to obtain new work after a year long search?

A retiree, by definition would not be eligible per se, but if looking for work, he would need to check with his own state's unemployment office for eligibility requirements such as base period, amount earned, reason for his non employment, etc. Every state has their own rules and laws on unemployment benefits.

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If she or he wishes to.

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I have delta dental through UAW retiree benefits thrust, I and my wife both had some dental work done, and they tell me we need a card number to get benefits, we never received a card,

Information on the u.k. Carveout benefits plan?

The best source of information is through the University. If you are an employee or retiree, contact the benefits department to speak to the program administer. There should be an information packet that they can send you for review as well as a contact person for specific questions.

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