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You did a brake job on 67 beetle and can not bleed them yes?

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Get John Muirs -"How to keep your Volkswagen alive, A manual for the Compleat Idiot" and Bentleys "workshop manual". They have a huge amount of info, John Muir is a "real world" work-book and the Bently Manual is the VW "Official Workshop Manual" . If you did NOT take the brake lines off or take apart the slave cylinders then you don't have to bleed the brakes. You really should bleed them any way if its been a few years as brake fluid will absorb moisture over the years and can rust the metal lines from the inside and clog the passages. You will be surprised how much GUNK comes out. Just don't let the Reservoir run dry when doing it. You have to bleed them on ANY vehicle if you open the lines for any reason. That also means if your reservoir went dry too. Air compress's, Fluid doesn't. Bleed the farthest one away from the master cylinder and work your way to the shortest. Rear wheels first then the front.

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Yes you will definitely need to bleed your brake system.

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Yes, the brake fluid reservoir should never be let to go empty during the bleeding process.

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IF YOU DID NOT OPEN THE BLEEDER SCREWS ON THE CALIPER WHEN YOU PUSHED THE PISTON BACK IN, THEN THERE IS NO NEED TO BLEED THE SYSTEM. WHEN YOU GET EVERTHING BACK TOGETHER, MAKE SURE THE RESERVOIR IS FULL, THEN JUST PUMP THE BRAKE PEDAL UNTIL IT IS SOLID AGAIN. To bleed the hydraulic brakes; you fill the reservior, with brake fluid then,go to the farthest.cylinder,find the bleed plug(near the wheel cylinder, looks like a greese fitting) slip a hose tightly over the fitting, submergee the other end in a container of brake fluid,then loosen the fitting; (with a helper., slowly pressing the brake pedel down);fluid will come out to the container,if air bubbles,close the fitting at the end of flow then let up on brake pedel,do this till all air bubbles are gone, then go to next wheel cyl repeat till all cyl are bled(be sure all bleed fittings are re-tightened,when done.. you dont need to bleed your brakes ,,just fit the pads and as long as you havent opened the bleed nipple its ok Yes I agree. There is no need to bleed brakes unless you have introduced air into the lines. Just changing the pads doesn't allow any air to enter.

Do you need to bleed the rear brakes on a 1987 dodge Dakota?

If you suspect that there is air (or other contaminants) in the system, or if the lines have been disconnected for any reason, then yes, the brake lines need to be bled. If you've only replaced the brake pads/shoes, etc., then there is usually no reason to bleed the lines except as indicated above.

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