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You did something to her an she is vex for that also she says that you are stopping her from talking to her male friends which is a complete lie you never said that?



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If she prefers to hang around her male friends more than you or without you going along then you should tell her your feelings about that. If she does not take your feelings into consideration than you are going to have to decide whether you are going to allow her to treat you this way. You should take a break and move on from her for awhile and see if a relationship with one another is really what you both want and what is best for both of you individually.

I am not sure what you did to get her upset but running to other men and obviously trying to hurt or get back at you is not the answer. You should talk about things and try to resolve them by communication. If that is just not possible it is best you part ways because arguing and carrying on in such a manner is not worth it.