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No, you don't feel. If you have it soon then you will.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-16 11:16:14
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Q: You do not feel anything but have not got your period?
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You feel nauseous and you just got your period are you pregnant?

Typically if you get your period you are not pregnant.

What do you do when you think that you got your period but you can't tell because you didn't feel anything?

Well you don't always feel will definitely know when you do start though because there will be blood in your underwear. So when you see that you started.

Why does your belly hurt?

Your pregnant You have got your period You ate too much You have not ate anything

Do you feel your first period?

Technically you do not "feel" your period. You may expirence cramps and aches before and after your periods. During the situation you will not feel anything but you may smell blood and your underware may be a little bit moist.

How did you feel when Michael Jackson died?

I felt nothing myself. Some people got really sorry and sad, but I didn't feel anything special.

Can a woman have morningsickness on the 1st day of her period?

It's not uncommon to feel sick and have other so called pregnancy signs while on your period and before your period. It's the same hormones involved. And if you got your period you are not pregnant.

You had a period but no period pain?

Some people just don't have pain during their periods. If you just got it recently it might take a few cycles for you to feel pain.

Which is correct or all of them are correct Have you got anything to tell me or Have you got anything telling me or Have you got anything tell me?

Two can be correct; one is not correct.Have you got anything to tell me is a correct question.Have you got anything telling me is an incorrect use of the word telling.Have you got anything, tell me is a correct question if you add a comma after the word anything.

After making out with your boyfriend you immediately got your period what does that mean?

It doesn't really mean anything if making out is all you did. It's just coincidence.

How do you feel when you have period?

Most people feel just fine, however many do experience a bit of pain from now and then. But usualy people don't even feel their first period, and you may experience cramps every once in a while. (I'm 11, and I just got my period and I didn't feel a thing) It was during school, in Mrs. Debryker's fith grade class, in richmnd, virginia (not saying what school) and i just asked to go to the bathroom and she said yes so, i went to my backpack got my emergency kit then went to the bathroom. I felt like it was kinda like discharge, but i eventualy felt pain so then just did what i did and i saw blood in my panties then just changed then put in a pad. So what im saying you usually dont feel anything. Hope this helped..... sorry bout' my long period story.

Is it wrong to kiss and not feel anything?

If you don't love him or her you don't feel anything.

Why do you never feel anything from drugs?

well if u dont fell it maybe its not the actual drug and u got ripped off

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