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If your old belt has not broken, simply go out to your car with paper and pencil and draw a simple diagram of how the belt is routed. If the belt has broken, many cars have diagrams under the hood. You can also go to a good search engine like Google and research it. For example, you search for "99 Crown Victoria serpentine routing". If you do much of your own work, then invest in a Chilton or Haynes manual for your car. They have a great deal of valuable information. Greg

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Q: You don't have a diagram for your serpentine belt how do you put it on?
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How serpentine belt is put on?

There should be a belt diagram under the hood.

Where can you get a picture diagram showing how to put on a serpentine belt?

picturediagram of how to install 89 Cherokee serpentine belt

Do you have a diagram on how serpentine belt is put on corsica?

There should be a diagram on the underside of the hood.

How do you release serpentine belt on a 89 Mercury Cougar?

You have to release your tensioners in order to release your serpentine belt. When you put the belt back on you have to follow the diagram on the hood of your car.

1997 528i serpentine belt diagram?

I am tryint to put my serpentine belt back, after i just installed my alternator,a nd io am haveing difficulties, i am looking for a diagram to show the route of the way the belt should go.

Where can you get a diagram to put your serpentine belt back on your Saturn?

Check around the hood and fenders, there is usually a label with the diagram

Where can you get a diagram for the serpentine belt on an 89 Olds and how it should be put on?

Have you checked at a parts store on the new belt package?

How do you put a serpentine belt on a 2009 Dodge Journey?

how to install serpentine belt on a 2009 dodge journey 3.5 liter v6

Do you have a diagram of how to put on a serpentine belt for a 1988 celebrity?

i had to do the same thing go to auto zone

2000 Mercury Mountaineer serpentine belt tensioner diagram?

My alternator stopped recharging my battery but I can't take the tension off my serpentine belt to put my alternator back on.

Do you have a diagram of how to put the serpentine belt on the pulley?

You may get an answer if you list the vehicle & engine you are talking about. You are not going to get an answer to this question as is.

How do you remove serpentine belt on 2005 Chevy Cobalt?

You have to release the stress in the tensioners to remove the serpentine belt. When you put it back on there is a diagram under the hood of the car that takes you step by step.

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