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You feel like you are losing your girlfriend how do you get her to fall in love with you again?


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Make her feel special.. you dont have to buy her anything just so that you are there for her and love her make her feel like she is a princess


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You tell your girlfriend you are losing feelings for her by telling her you still care for her but you just do not feel the same way you used to.

Okay so what you should do is comfort her, and you make her feel like she is special

I dont feel up your girlfriend lol!!!

Tell him how you feel without him. Be realistic and nice.

She thinks that if she sees him again, after the time at the Nightly Double, she will fall in love with him.

after a Break-Up it is important to win his trust. Show him how you feel and what you want.

If you fall for an ex all over again after breaking up, then you should talk to him. If he doesn't feel the same way then it may be best to move on and look somewhere else for love.

Impossible to MAKE someone love you,its something you feel not something you do.That being said you can try to keep love alive by making her feel good about herself when she's with you and let her know she's the most important person in your life and you'll always be there for her but even that doesn't insure that she will be in-love with you always but she will always have love for you as a person.

Do you mean that you want to feel sad again, or that you do feel sad again and wonder why?

They respond by losing their leaves in the fall and winter and growing them back in the spring. This happens by plants stop making Chloroplast when they feel like its getting cold. By not making Chloroplast (it makes the leaf green) it makes the leaf turn a yellow, orange, or brown color. When they feel winter is over and spring is coming they start to grow leaves again by making Chloroplast once again. And the process starts all over again.

It is OK for you to feel like your girlfriend doesn't trust you. You are entitled to your own feelings and if that is what you feel,that is fine. However, you should discuss your feelings with your girlfriend if they are making you feel bad.

You cannot make anyone feel something they don't. He has obviously made his choice and at this point all you can do is move on.

sad because one day you can't be a pro when you are losing

They feel like they will fall out because of the spacing there doing. It is very normal to feel like that but they will not fall out if you follow your advisers instructions.

Guys feel shattered after cheated by girlfriend. One they loved had cheated them is bad feeling.

It really depends on how you feel about it but remember why she is your ex in the first place and if your willing to go down the road again.

why not start by telling her how you feel and that shes special to u she might feel the same way already if not stick up for her in arguements and just support her as a friend but dont be to clingy

you whant to be on the winning team

If you feel like your girlfriend is cheating on you the first thing to do is talk to her. Explain to her how you are feeling and why and see what she has to say.

You make her feel special and tell her how you feel

my girlfriend feel tired and sick

Yepppp, if you just happend to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend you may feel like you will never love anyone again but do not worry you will!

If you are asking me personally, it was everything about her. I fell in love with my girlfriend after I met her and realized that she is everything I have ever looked for. But if you mean people in general, you fall in love when you feel very strongly attached to someone in an emotional way.

well if you feel he likes you then yes. if he is happy with a girlfriend than no. you dont know can happen to your relationship if he doesnt love you back. i was there twice. but i would do it again if i feel its worth it

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