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How long after you had it fixed

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Does your Harley have to be in neutral to start?

No. My 2002 Softail (Deuce) will start in gear, clutch in or clutch out, if the ignition is turned on.

Why is it when i push my clutch in on your 1997 sportage it is hard to put in gear?

It could be that your clutch is not longer working. You should take your car to a car mechanic, so that you can get it fixed.

What is relation between gear box and clutch?

gear and clutch relation _ when clutch is disconnect this time gear shifting thats relation

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1996 Saturn SL2 I can't put it in gear while its running and hard to shift when moving?

If you have a hydraulic clutch you may just need to add fluid.

Clutch location on 2002 Ford F-150?

clutch is same place as any other vehicle between the gear box and the flywheel

Why does my Auto transmission jerks in 2nd gear?

i have a 2002 saturn ls2. my transmission jerks in first and second gear and when i put on breaks. what should i do?

When i change to 4th gear and release the clutch it pops out this only happens in 4th 2002 vauxhall zafira?

Normally this means the gear synchronizer is worn out or damaged. Usually the damage is caused by shifting without using the clutch.

Are you coasting if in gear with clutch in?

Of course you are coasting. The clutch has disengaged the transmission (no matter what gear) from the engine.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1995 Saturn SL1?

Saturn SL clutches cannot be adjusted.From what I know about Saturn SLs, (I have owned 2) The clutches are self-adjusting. Usually if the Clutch is slipping too much, or it is hard to get the car into gear, something is either worn-out or broken. So, in short form, it cannot be adusted at all, and if it seems off you may need a new clutch which is pricey and labour intensive, or to replace the clutch cylendar, which is responsible for actuating the clutch. on some cars, the clutch cylendars can be serviced, on saturns they are not servicable and are simply replaced.

My 97 Saturn goes in gear easily with or without pushing clutch down and then it doesnt go whats wrong?

You have no clutch left. May of worn to the point it's not grabing or the clutch face may have blown off all at once. If you dump the clutch to often it can go all at once.

Why is the manual clutch not going into gear?

clutch slave cylinder.

What is the fundtion of clutch?

The clutch is the pedal you press to change gear.

What does pop the clutch mean?

Popping the clutch is when you are in gear and holding the clutch. Can also be referred to as dumping the clutch.

Why not my Peugeot go in to gear when running but will when stud?

You have a clutch problem The clutch is not releasing correctly and the the car will not go into gear This is probably a problem with the hydraulic clutch system.

Where is the clutch of a go kart?

The clutch of a go kart is much the same as the clutch on a car. The clutch disengages the engine from the gearbox enabling the gear to be changed. Without a clutch gear changing would be difficult and may damage the gearbox.

What would cause a 1988 Mazda 323 to not have or have very little power from first to second gear Or to have to gear down going up hills?

I had this problem several times and brought it to my mechanic. He informed me that the clutch was going bad thus resulting in a loss of power. Fixed the clutch and my problem dissappeared!

On your 1995 Mercury villager fixed old starter put on engine Tested it on battery works fine put on the car and the starter spins but it does not engage the ring gear?

the sprag clutch is gone the sprag clutch is part of the small gear in the starter basically you need to buy a new gear or a new starter depending on the price it is often called the bendix

You were wondering what could be wrong with your 1996 Saturn sl2 you have a 5 speed manual transmission and it will go into every gear just fine accept first unless you slam it in of slip the clutch?

A warped or otherwise damaged clutch disk or a faulty clutch master or slave cylinder could be preventing the clutch from completely disengaging when you depress the clutch pedal.

How do you know when the clutch on a 1996 Saturn SL1 needs changing?

if the clutch pedal is soft an won't let the the tranny go into gear then that means time for a new clutch IF it wont go into gear its the pressure plate. It it slips under hard acceleration (engine revs and car doesnt speed up) the plate it worn out. Either requires replacement of both. Get a Kit

What is wrong when the clutch won't go into gear?

A clutch does not go into gear. A clutch engages, Normally if a clutch fails to engage it is because it is worn. with a worn out clutch you are able to start the car in gear without your foot on the clutch and the car wont move. Normally before this happens you will notice what is known as a slipping clutch. A slipping clutch means that the engine is turning faster than it should to keep the car moving while in gear. once this starts to happen it does not take long for the whole show to come to a stand still.

What keeps the car in gear?

A car is in gear when the clutch is engaged on the transmission

How would you replace fifth gear syncro or can you just replace the clutch?

5th gear synro is inside the trans... the clutch has nothing to do with it.

What are some causes for a Saturn SL1 first gear to go out?

#1: crappy driving, #2: the sliding clutch that's does the actually engaging of gear might be heavily worn(caused by the 1st), #3: faulty materials(it happens)

Geo Metro wont stay in gear after changing the clutch?

When you put it in gear, does it pop out? What gears? If so, you probably have a bad transmission. It the clutch is slipping, you need to adjust the clutch cable.

Why would a saturn 2001 sc2 not move in gear?

That depends, automatic transmission or manual?Automatic: low fluid, failed/worn hydraulic pump, failed/worn valve body, worn internal clutch pack...Manual: worn clutch. Note that some might try to tell you that it could be a component of the hydraulic clutch mechanism, but if that were the case, you wouldn't be able to put the transmission in gear.