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You get nervous in cheerleading stunts how can you get over this?


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August 28, 2009 8:21PM

well i was a cheerleader for a few years really what ya have to do is trust the person... and if u have trouble of goin in the air or getting up ask ur coach for a spotter... ---- see discussion about Spotting and cheer If trust is somewhat there in your bases then next step is in YOU!! With fear being an untouchable object it is hard to deal with. One of the best methods then is to deal with touchable, tangible things that increase safety and relieve the fear. So know the technique, concentrate on it as you go into your skill. Pick out one core piece of the technique you want your body to do in the skill that is hugely responsible for it's safe execution and concentrate on that. This concentration on making your body do something correct increases safety in reality AND it keeps the mind occupied not allowing distractions, a wondering mind or doubts to slip in. All those increases fears