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Yes, you have to type your whole password.

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You have installled Adobe Flash three times and you still get a message that you need it for Webkinz?

You might need to restart your computer and see if it pops up then. If it doesnt then you need a new computer.

Can you make a webkinz user name on this website?

no, you cant because this doesnt invole anything about webkinz

What is Nicki Jonas's webkinz username?

he doesnt have one

Can your Webkinz get killed?

No you webkinz can not be Killed the account just doesnt work until you adopt a new pet.

Why on webkinz when you try to play a game it comes up with a blue bar and a huge logout symbol?

Umm the website is down or ur computer doesnt work..

Using daughters computer would like to see her email but dont have password?

well there is way somehow because my brother opened my computer and he doesnt know any idea whats my password is and he says he can opne any computer but please anybody if you know how to open the computer please email me:

What is binweevils password?

it doesnt have one

Why does webkinz close down in the daytime now?

webkinz doesnt close during the day it might just be ur timesone

Has Taylor Lautner seen webkinz before?

Taylor Lautner has seen webkinz, but he doesn't have time to get on so he doesnt have any

What do you do if your Webkinz code doesnt work on Webkinz?

Well Ms. Birdy will say "This code has already been used, and will not work."

Why doesnt webkinz work on the iPod touch?

Get a life, webkinz stinks like deer scat. You need flash player

What is candace password on clubpenguin?

She is controlled by club penguin, therefore she doesnt have a password.

What is the hacking password for the overseers computer on fallout 3?

The terminal doesnt have a set password. It is randomized evrytime you load the game, move places, etc. It says on the peice of paper that it is amata. You can persuade him to give it to you though.

If you lose your Webkinz card what do you do?

Well. It depends if you are talking about a code or a trading card. If you are talking about a code, then it is ok as long as you have another one. It is only needed when you forget your password. If you are talking about a trading card then it also doesnt matter. Unless you really want to collect them. I hope I helped. P.s. I have over 100 webkinz!

What would you do if on webkinz your things to do button doesnt have a cludhouse option on it?

Go to the map and find it there.

Whats chrisbrown MySpace password?

His info doesnt give this answer

How do you put a Password lock on your Pantech pursuit?

it doesnt stay when i do it

How does a Computer Mousepad work?

it doesnt

What is the audition password?

audination or audista its the password of new audition patches just tell me if id doesnt work ill fix it

What is cyseros password in dragonfable?

ok dont tell anyone it is CySeRoS23 happy gameing;) Doesnt Work! Hes right it doesnt

What is herbert p bears password?

he doesnt have a account because hes not a penguin

What is Liam Paynes Twitter password?

its unknown because he doesnt want to be hacked..

What is incorrect about the name nonene?

it doesnt contain the number at the beginning showing where do the double bond is located.

How do computer benefit individual healthcare?

it doesnt :)

Why does your arm hurt after you play the computer?

it.... doesnt