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NO thats the stupidest question I've ever heard!!! DONT REPRODUCE!

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Yes, as long as you were qualified in the first place to receive it and, secondly, that you comply with the unemployment laws of the state paying you regarding relocation.

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Q: You got laid off work can you still collect unemployment if you relocate to another state?
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Can a military spouse collect unemployment benefits from Missouri if the family has to relocate to another state?

You might want to call a lawyer or whoever is giving you the unemployment benefits. My best guess is no because you are leaving the state so you must apply for unemployment benefits for the state you relocate in. Keep on striving!

Can you move to another state with higher unemployment compensation and collect from that state?

No. You can only collect from the state that your employer paid his unemployment taxes to, the "liable" state.

You were fired in pa can you collect in Ohio?

You cannot collect unemployment in another state that you weren't working in. Most of the time you cannot collect unemployment if you were terminated. This is particularly true in an at will state like Ohio.

Can a military spouse collect unemployment benefits from California if family has to relocate to another state?

Yes. See the Related Link below for full details under part "II. Eligible BB Moving after Marriage"

Can you collect unemployment if you live in MA and quit your job to move to another state?

No. You QUIT the job. To get unemployment you have to be fired.

Can you collect unemployment in Connecticut from California?

Yes, you can transfer your claim from one state to another.

Can you collect unemployment if you retire early in the state of Maryland?

No. You can't collect unemployment anywhere for merely retiring.

Can you receive unemployment if you never worked?

No. You only collect unemployment benefits from the "liable state" (which collected payroll taxes from the employer an applicant had worked for). However, if you had worked in another state during the current base year for that state, the "agent state" (where you live) can help you collect from that state.

In California can you collect unemployment after state disability?

You can collect unemployment after state disability if you are healthy enough to return to work, and your employer terminated your employment during your disability. The termination can not be related to your job performance.

Must you be a legal resident to collect unemployment insurance?

Yes, illegal immigrants are ineligible for benefits. However, you can be a legal resident in one state, work in another state and be eligible for unemployment benefits from the state you WORK in.

Can you get unemployment if you relocate to California?

It depends on the state you are moving from and the reason for the relocation. Check with the "liable state's" office for particulars

Can you get unemployment if you worked for a nonprofit organization in Ohio?

Religious nonprofits have the option to not pay unemployment to the state. If they choose not to pay unemployment then the employee cannot collect unemployment. If they do pay unemployment costs to the state then the employee can collect unemployment benefits. Nonreligious organizations do have to pay unemployment, but they can pay the state one of two ways. As a state tax rated employer (same as a for profit company) or as a direct reimbursurer. In this case the employee is able to collect unemployment benefits. Referenced from