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yes some woman still have some bleeding while they are pregnant. Yes you could still be pregnant. Do a pregnancy test.

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Q: You got your period the other day but had signs of being pregnant and you only got it for two days and you normally get it ofr 5 days could you still be pregnant?
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Could you still have a period you are pregnant?

Not normally

What if you have your period later then you normally do?

you could be pregnant but there is a chance that it just came later then schedule, Your period will do that. if a week has gone by since you should have started your period i would contact your doctor to see if you are pregnant or not

Will you have your period still if you become pregnant just a few days before it?

when you become pregnant you don't usually have your period. You could "spot" and if you do you should think about seeing a doctor but normally you wouldn't get your period

If you Normally have a heavy period now light pink discharge and spotting Pregnant?

Could be it's possible

Could you be pregnant if you sometimes see red when wiping?

If this is happening around the time you normally get your period, then it could be implantation bleeding, which means you are pregnant. It could also be a very "off" period this month. If you think you are pregnant, you should wait a couple of more days and then take a test.

Your period is due but all you are getting is a light brown spotting could you be pregnant?

yes. I had light brown spotting when my period was due and I was pregnant!Normally it is considered implantaion bleeding. Brown blood, is old blood so it is normally fine.

Could you be pregnant if you normally have a 5 day period and t his month you had a period for one day?


If im worried about being pregnant could that cause a late period?

Yes it can

How soon could you feel being pregnant?

a month that my period didnt come

If you stop the pill after one week of being on it will you get another period?

No, but you could get pregnant.

You have signs of being pregnant but you had a light period and 3 test came up negative could you still be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if your period was 6 days late you had enlarged breasts but your period is normally regular?

possibly, I'd take a test to see though

I normally had my period for 7 days. I had your period for 2 days could you be pregnant?

i personally would take a test or go see a doctor i know stress personally and vigerous exercise can change legnth of period also age if your young i know personally periods can fluctuate without being pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you're supposed to start your period in a couple of days but and could this be your last period and still be pregnant?

If your period doesnt arrive or its very light then yes you could be pregnant. If its normal then no your not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have a lot of the symptoms and got your period 3 days late but it wasn't like it normally is?

Maybe, might want to take pregnant test.

I normally have bad mood swings before your period but haven't had any yet and my period is due in 2 days could it be a sign I'm pregnant?

Yes, it could be. Take a test if your period doesn't arrive

Could you be pregnant if you are having period cramps but no period?

you are definitely pregnant!

Can you get pregnant if you had intercourse while being on your 2nd day of your period?

yes you could get pregnant. But there is only a slight possiblity for this to happen.

If you missed your period and normally get it for 7 days A week later you got it for two days could you still be pregnant?

Answer You cannot be pregnant if you have a period. It is probably an irregular period - quite natural. Answer It could be implantation bleeding which is where the egg implants into the lining of the womb. Take a pregnancy test

You are 2 monthes late on your period and since have had constipation could you be pregnant?

The chances of being pregnant is very high if you have a regular period, do a home test of go for blood test but I do think that you are pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you had your period early and it only lasted for a day and a half?

It is possible that this was an implantation bleed. Take a test on or after the day your period should normally arrive.

No period no symptoms of being pregnant What is wrong?

Your period could just be late, this happens sometimes.

Could you be pregnant if your period was a day late?

If it was only a day late, you aren't pregnant. But if it was a day late and really light and short, you could be. A late period just happens sometimes. I am normally a very regular person and I was a week late two months in a row and I wasn't pregnant.

Could I be pregnant if I had my period but I have some of the symptoms of being pregnant?

If you had normal period (not short! not light!) - your chances for pregnancy are about 1%. If you had unusual period + pregnancy symptoms - you chances or pregnancy are 50%-60%.

Could you be pregnant if your period was light and short for the first time?

could you be pregnant if you period was short and light