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It's your credit... If you let the bank keep the car and don't pay the bill your credit will be messed up even more. When you bought the vehicle you agreed to pay the note. If you back out now you're telling the bank and everyone else that your word isn't worth anything. Do you think they'll want to do business with you again?

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Q: You got your truck impounded by the police because you had no insurance the bank took it from the cops now 38 days later you have to pay the lapd 1988 to get your truck back if you let it all go how?
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You have no auto insurance some hit you Toronto?

1. You negotiate with other driver not to call police/his insurance company. Due to negotiations one of you make an estimation of damage. The one, that is found guilty (in the process of negotiations) gives an, estimated later, money on repair. 2. Police involved - everyone has tickets for accident, 'no insurance', etc. You will receive fine and no coverage sure. PS: It's not legal to drive without auto insurance in Canada

Can the insurance company make you pay for accident without police report?

Yes, of course. If you are liable for the damages you are required by law to cover the losses. Having a police report or not having a police report has no bearing on your liability and resulting financial responsibilities. Although most minor accidents do not merit a police report, the insurance companies recommend an accident report be filed whenever possible to document the occurrence and protect the drivers and the company from individuals who may later try to shirk their financial responsibilities. If you have insurance then your insurance company will cover the loss for you up to your policy limits. If you are uninsured then you are required to pay the damages yourself.

Do you get a citation if your insurance company finds you at fault for an accident in California?

Not if it happened on private property and generally speaking if you weren't issued a ticket at the scene of the accident you most likely won't get one later. The insurance company can't issue a citation. Only the police can do that.

If glass gets chipped an it can't be repaired because of location an you you don't get repaired it gets damaged later can insurance refuse to pay?

Yes they can because it was not repaired

Will your auto insurance premium increase if you were ticketed for driving with an expired license even if you renew it two days later?

Most likely it won't. In my town if you take the proof of renewl down to the police station you won't even have to pay for the ticket your first time. If this doesn't answer your question, then go down to the police station or call them, and ask them if they have sent the information to your insurance agent.

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What are your legal responsibilities if you bumped a vehicle but a police report was not filed until months later and now the insurance company is contacting you for payment of damages?

Financial Responsibility Laws require that you be Financially Responsible for any damages you cause to another. Whether a Police report is filed or not, has no bearing on your responsibilty for the damages.

Car hit on private car park?

If your car is being hit on a private car park, you should call the police and report it and later on claim the insurance that was being put in your car to expense all the repairs of it.

Is it true when you invite someone in your home and later come back to rob you can you recover stolen items in small claims court?

No, you won't have to do that. It doesn't work that way. When the defendant is arrested and the goods he stole from you are seized and impounded to be produced for evidence at his trial - once the trial is over and the need for the evidence no longer exists, the police will return the stolen property to you at no charge.

Can your insurance company do anything if none of the drivers involved a car wreck gave information?

It really depends on how reasonable they are. If you are in an accident and the other party or parties refuse to give information regardless of who is at fault, then CALL THE POLICE because a police report is the best weapon against anyone involved in the crash trying to change their story later. If you're not at fault for an accident and you have no other information on anyone else, your insurance company may be suspicious about that and could quite possibly reject your claim or pay it but make it a chargeable account to YOUR POLICY.

What can you do if you were at fault in an accident and your insurance company paid for it but three months later they ask for proof of address and you do not have any?

Do you mean the address of the other person in the accident? Was there a police report made? Did you exchange identification documents? that you did not live at the address you gave the insurance company when you got the policy and now they want proof? If so, I believe you have committed insurance fraud and will probably be asked to reimburse the company for any claims they have paid and will not be able to get insurance again.

When your child turns 18 do you continue their life insurance policy?

If your question supposes that you purchased life insurance for the child before he/she reached 18, you are free to continue it or not. It may well be a good idea to continue it because a medical condition may develop later in life that makes it hard or impossible for the child to later get life insurance. Naturally, you can reach an agreement with the child that he/she take over the payment of the premiums.

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If title insurance is not purchased at closing, then it can be purchased later. Generally a title insurance policy can be issued within 14 days of the closing.

When you have a primary and secondary insurance will the co-pay from your primary insurance be paid by the secondary insurance?

I have insurance paid for by my employer (primary) and through my husband's employer (secondary). In my experience, I have never had to pay the copay required by my primary because it is covered by my secondary. When I first got married, 2 years ago, I still paid the copay, but the doctor's office would always send me a check for the copay a month later because the secondary paid it.

How can an employer cover spouse and kids on health Insurance and then a year later say that the children are not covered because the other spouse has insurance coverage on the children?

Only one company can pay out on the health insurance so it is a waste of money being insured twice, and also it will save you the tax you are paying on the premiums.

If you were involved in a car accident and a police report was filled out do you have to report it to insurance company?

No. That happens all the time. People often make a police report just in case they decide to make a claim. Later, they never contact their insurance company due to it not being worth the hassle. Four years ago, I was involved in a minor accident in which the other person left. I made a police report but since the damage was so little, the officer told me I'd be better off not making a claim. I never made a claim or notified my insurance. I have since bought 2 new cars that have been quoted for insurance by multiple companies and insured by the same company I had at the time of the accident. Everything has been fine; haven't heard about it since then.

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