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You don't say how you found out you are pregnant. It may be that you are too early on to see anything on the scan but as the hormones are down in your blood it looks as though you may have miscarried, I am so sorry.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-22 19:24:29
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Q: You had a ectopic 7 months ago found out last wk that pregnant again had a early scan to make sure it was in the right place but they couldn't see anything they took blood and the levels are down?
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Can you have a negative pregnancy test and have an ectopic pregnancy?

Due to the possibility of lower levels of hormone with ectopic pregnancy it is possible to have a home test show that you are not pregnant while you have an EP.

Will a blood test detect and ectopic pregnancy?

Yes and No, I had an ectopic pregnancy and we found it because my HCG levels in the blood test were not doubling like they were suppose to. But it was my 3rd ultrasound, ( I went every week for one after I found out I was pregnant and we were watching my HCG levels) and we finally found out that yes it was in my tube. So not one blood test will tell you if it is ectopic or not.. but a series of them will.

Can you be pregnant if you have low hCG levels?

Yes you can be pregnant with low HCG Levels - Sometimes that means at risk for miscarriage and sometimes woman get placed on progesterone pills to help rise the levels. Anyhow it is always best you go see your doc and have them do an ultra sound to check on the fetus and and yok sac to make sure you are not having and ectopic pregnancy ( tubal pregnancy ). Better to be on the safe side

After you've had an ectopic pregnancy is it possible to have a normal pregnancy if you get pregnant again?

Yes it is possible to have an ectopic pregnancy and have a negative pregnancy test, it is also possible to have a healthy pregnancy and have a positive pregnancy test in the first 10 days after a missed period. Pregnancy test kits are each calibrated to different levels of sensitivity and you have to ensure you are using a quality test, which is calibrated to detect reliably levels of hCG (the hormone, made in pregnancy.) You can find answers to your questions about ectopic pregnancy by using the link below.

What causes Beta HCG Levels to rise?

molar , twin as well as ectopic pregnancy

Hcg levels are 4298.preg or not?

Anything above an hcg level of 5 is considered pregnant. So, if your level is 4298, you are most definitely pregnant.

You do not get your periods nor is your pregnancy test positive since 6 weeks from date Is it tubular pregnancy?

I had an ectopic (tubular) pregnancy, and my home pregnancy test was positive by 5 weeks. I would go to your obgyn and get a blood test. They can check hormone levels to see if you are pregnant, how far along you may be, and if they feel it may be ectopic. Good Luck!

Can having low hcg levels or no hcg levels while pregnant be hereditary?

Yes, having low hcg levels or no hcg levels while pregnant can be hereditary

After having an ectopic pregnancy during the last month a pregnancy test came just came back positive could this have been because of high hormone levels or is it pregnancy?

I read somewhere that after a miscarriage or abortion, the hcg remains in your blood for 6-8 weeks, so I'd wait before taking another one, or have your doc do a blood test. I had a ectopic pregnancy at the end of Febuary. The doctor should had let you know if your hcg were going downn or still high. I was told to wait at least one period before I try to get pregnant again. If you did wait at least one period you might be pregnant. To be sure I would go get a blood test. It is correct that it may take 6 weeks for HCG to fall back after an ectopic, but you cannot tell if you are pregnant from one level, you need a second check to see if levels are falling. Alternatively, As you had an ectopic pregnancy, it is of course possible that you had an intrauterine pregnancy as well.

Your hcg levels were 5.1 and 4 days later is 5.53 are you pregnant?

no. your hCG levels should be atleast 20 if you are pregnant. Yes you are if your beta hcg test is above 5 anything less than 5 is not . It doubles up every 48-72 hours when your pregnant to keep the pregnancy going . .

Do you get low levels of hGC if you are not pregnant?

some people have had low beta hcg levels and not be pregnant i am one of them,.,

Can you be pregnant with Hcg levels of 24?

Just to let you know. I am 4 weeks pregnant and my levels are at 24 now.

Can an ectopic pregnancy come back positive on a blood test?

Yes, it can. It is still a pregnancy, and does increase HCG levels

Is it dangerous to get pregnant with hcg levels?

If you're pregnant, you're going to have elevated HCG levels. That's just how it works.

My hcg levels increased from 7902.9 to 11426 hcg but no sac was found 2 days ago?

Have they checked for ectopic pregnancy?

You have all of the signs of being pregnant and 5 weeks late and you have been told you have low hcg levels and high prolactin levels but test neg can you be pregnant if not whats could be wrong with?

You need a referral to a Gyn for high prolactin levels. Many things can cause this. If your HCG levels are under 5 then you are not pregnant. Over 5 and your pregnant.

Seven weeks pregnant hcg level at 3000 why no fetus on ulrasound?

There are several reasons this can happen. The embryo mak have grown outside of the uterus, you may have an ectopic pregnancy, or your not pregnant at all. Ovarian cancer, and a few other types of cancer may cause elivated hcg levels. These cancers can also cause many pregnancy symptoms.

Is roundness and tenderness of breasts only related to pregnancy?

The roundness and tenderness is related to estrogen levels. Estrogen levels rise and fall when you are not pregnant, and when you are pregnant estrogen levels rise substantially.

What are the signs of a tubal pregnancy when you have had a partial hysterectomy?

I had an ectopic pregnancy a few years ago in which the embryo had implanted on my appendix! Apparently more than 90% of ectopic pregnancies implant in the tubes, but mine was one of the few that implanted somewhere else. I had episodes of severe abdominal pain for weeks. It took a while for my doctors to figure out I was pregnant since I hadn't missed a period and had an IUD in my uterus. I also had bleeding at random points during my cycle so frequently I lost track of my actual "period" date. An ectopic pregnancy will not advance like a normal pregnancy, so the hcg levels will be much lower. This makes it hard to discover with a home pregnancy test for a little while. You can have a beta hcg blood series done, where they check your hcg levels and can tell you how much hcg you have. If your hcg is higher than 5 you are pregnant, however the most sensitive urine tests won't show a pregnancy until hcg levels are at 25 or higher. In a viable pregnancy, hcg doubles every other day. In an ectopic pregnancy, it doesn't.

Can high levels of estrogen stop you getting pregnant?

No. But it can reduce the risk of getting pregnant.

Is it ok that my hcg levels have gone from 49000 at 7 weeks pregnant to 52000 in two weeks?

It is not okay for a pregnant woman to have a HCG levels of 52,000. The HGC levels are suppose to double every week.

What are some scary things that start with e?

Eek! eeriness evisceration elevated cholesterol levels E.D. ectopic pregnancy evil enchanter

What causes low progesterone levels?

what causes low progesterone levels and what can we do to make them higher to get pregnant?

How do estrogen levels influence prolactin levels?

Prolactin is a hormone that acts directly on the mammary glands to produce breast milk. This happens when a woman because pregnant, and when a woman is pregnant, the body reaches high levels of estrogen. Thus, increased levels of estrogen will directly increase levels of prolactin.

Can you be pregnant with HCG level at 3?

i don't think so but maybe. HCG is the hormone human chronic gonadotropin, which is produced by placental cells during pregnancy. Yes, you can be pregnant with an HCG level at 3. Typically, below 5 is negative and above 25 is positive. It can be this low in the first week or two of pregnancy. Some women have lower HCG levels during pregnancy than are typical. Ectopic pregnancies can result in low HCG levels. It can also indicate a problem with the pregnancy. It is best to have at least two HCG readings a couple days apart, if you are relying on HCG levels. If you think you should be 5 or more weeks pregnant but have low HCG levels, it would be a good idea to double-check with an ultrasound.