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ask tom to delete it.

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Is it possible to find out who logs into your Myspace music site to listen to your music if they are not members How do I get hold of Tom founder of MySpace?

That would be a question to ask Tom, the founder/creator of MySpace. If you have a MySpace account, he should be an automatic friend on your friends list, unless you deleted him...I suggest looking him up using the MySpace search by typing in his ScreenName Tom into the search criteria bar. Then leave a message on his board asking this same question.

What is more worse MySpace or Bebo?

It really depends. See i like bebo better but my friend likes myspace more. i think it depeneds on what your using it for. also myspace is like pizco but more updated.

How do you delete a file using keyboard?

how to delete a file using keyboard

Does using MySpace show up on bills?


Is there any way to tell if someone has stolen your MySpace pics and are using them on a MySpace pretending to be you?

If you look at the bottom of the site where it says "Report Abuse" and it will bring you to a page where you can type in your information. When you sent it, you will get a auto-reply email saying that the information is sent. Then Myspace will reply and tell you what to do for them, such as taking a picture with a paper that have your Friend ID written.

How do you delete weeworld?

You can not delete your weeworld you just stop using it!

When you die what happens to your MySpace?

I'd think by the time you die, you wouldn't be using myspace anyway :o

How can you delete your facebook account using Gmail account?

No, you can't delete Facebook using Gmail. To delete Facebook, you have to go on their website. Gmail just is an interface.

What would you be doing if you were using a MySpace text editor?

If you were using a MySpace text editor you would be on the MySpace social networking site. You would be editing the text in messages or on your profile page to look special and create effects that you like.

Why is MySpace constantly down?

myspace has alot of problems, I suggest using a new social network

How do you view encrypted Trillian chat logs?

Find your logs at C:\Program Files\Trillian\users\default\logs... (\AIM\Query, if you're using AIM). Logs are labeled by screenname (of the other person, in the format of "[screenname].log". Find the one that you want to view. Right click it and choose "Open With...", and then open the file with "Notepad." Within Trillian, you can view the logs by right-clicking the screenname and choose "View Contact History."

Can you get trade items on YoVille from your MySpace to your Facebook?

you can't really change/trade items from your myspace to your facebook account if you are using the same computer. but if you are using two different computers, then you can

How do you put songs on your MySpace account using LimeWire?

find A site that can host a song for you then generate the code for myspace. or find a website that already has songs just for myspace there are many of them

How do you delete a downloads on your apple computer?

Go to "~/Downloads" and delete the contents of the folder using the Finder's delete button.

How do you delete your prizerebel account?

you can't delete it just stop using it for 6 months and it will expire and delete itself

How do delete your wifi history on your iPod?

You can't delete your wifi history using ipod. You can only delete your history in your ipod.

How can you get rid of advertisements on webkinz?

you can try using the control delete to delete the adds but if it does not delete, then you have a very bad computer virus.

What is a myspace site besides MySpace?

Try using its just like myspace and facebook.;;;; All of these are similar to myspace but out of all these, is the best! so if you want to have something other than myspace, m8b8 is the closest thing

You cant delete flk file how to delete?

I was using folder locker but then i uninstalled it but the file is still there but It gives me an error when I try to delete.

How do you delete 0 byte files using DOS?

Just use "delete" command. Example delete <filename> and press enter.

How do you meet an old friend?

i recommend using MySpace. I've found friends on there that I've known since kindergarten! and it's so simple! all you do is type their name into the search engine and try to find them. there's probably some other methods of finding friends, but MySpace is free and easy to use.

How can you see a private blog on MySpace using codes?

orkut hacking

Who is the tom from MySpace?

he is a guy who can help you out if you need it while using your my space

Delete the games of Nokia 1208?

We can delete Nokia 1208 Games by using data cable

How do you delete YOUR own Account in Pokemon Indigo?

you can delete some progress using a beta prosess