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It depends on how the account is held. Generally joint accounts are held JTWRS, Joint Tenants With Rights of Survivorship, this means when one account holder dies, their share of funds automatically passes to the other account holder(s)and is not subject to taxation or probate procedure.

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Q: You had a joint bank account with your mom she died and you were the beneficiary she owes federal taxes legally do you have to pay the taxes my brother was the executor of her will received all assets?
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Does your mom have to show your brother your fathers will who just died and see all bank books?

There is no requirement for her to do so. As long as she is the executor, and presumably the beneficiary, it is her business, not his.

Can someone sue an executor after the probate process is completed?

Yes, if the executor abused their authority, wasted assets, failed to follow the provisions in the will and the probate laws, failed to pay creditors or did any number of things an executor should not do or failed to do things an executor should do. An executor can be held personally liable for their misbehavior.

Your mum who is deceased however was appointed an Executor and Beneficiary in her brother's will does this mean that her entitlement goes to my dad?

No, the entitlement would go to the next in immediate family to the brother.

Can a brother become executor if his brother dies?

Yes, a brother can serve as executor. It is common to have a family member do the work. In most cases it is cheaper to do so.

Your brother received a certified letter to appear in court regarding his being an heir of your deceased uncle. What does this mean?

That would be a notice to your brother that he has been named as a beneficiary of an estate.

Can your brother executor of your moms will legally disinherit you from her will?

The executor does not have that power. Their job is to execute the will as written.

If there are two named as executor on a will the first being the brother of deceased and second being daughter. can the daughter get money out of the bank although the beneficiary named is the brother?

Laws can and do vary from state-to-state. Consult with an attorney for questions regarding wills and other legal documents.

If your parents put monies into a CD or Ira account in your name can your widowed Mother or your brother who is executor redeem them without you knowning?

If my parents put monies into a CD or IRA account (20years ago) in my name, cane my widowed Mother or my brother (who is executor)redeem them without me knowning, or being present? And, or do they have the right to use the money in any other way than to transfer it to me?

My mother just passed and my brother is named executor. He is going through a bankruptcy and personal tax issues should he be appointed as executor?

Your brother already has enough going on. The duties of being executor would be too much. Someone else in the family should petition to be appointed executor and your brother should decline.

Can your brother put his name on your mother's bank account without other siblings prior knowledge?

Yes. As long as the brother and the mother agree to it, it is no one else's business.

What if your mothers will names your brother and you as beneficiaries your brother passes away a month later does this make you sole beneficiary?

yes. that would make u the sole beneficiary.

How do you change the executor of an estate after the death of the family member My brother is executor and wants nothing to do with estate. How can I become the executor?

The executor can file a resignation with the court and you would petition for appointment as the successor.

Can an executor withhold money from an beneficiary?

FATHER DIED JAN 2014 LEAVING 3 BROTHERS BUT LEFT NO WILL youngest brother secretly applied to get executor rights i was told he has the money now. he is not a nice person do not talk him.talked when the father died on the phone he made threats and tried to intimadate his eldest brother and middle brother he is the type of person to keep it all he took control of the possessions in the house as well not mentioned by any form of contact that he has the money how do we preceed thanks

Can your brother lock you out your mother's house when she dies?

If your brother is executor of the estate, yes.

If I'm the beneficiary of life insurance policies of my brother and who named me as beneficiary prior to his marriage and during his marriage do I still have legal rights to this life insurance?

You will receive the death benefit unless your brother has changed the beneficiary. Regardless of marriage, divorce, life changes, etc; unless the insured contacts their insurance company and changes their beneficiary, the money will go to the specified beneficiary; FYI- your brother would not be required to notify you as current (or ex) beneficiary if he changed the policy. Also, many life insurance policies have a primary and a successor beneficiary; the successor is the person who would receive the benefit if something were to happen to both the insured and the primary beneficiary.

What happens if your brother and sister are executor and you are not included?

ohh as i , i leave them

Who was van Gogh's beneficiary?

His brother Theo and Theo's son.

Can you sell the house owned by your brother?

No, unless you have a power of attorney from your brother. And if your brother is deceased, you would have to be the executor of the estate and have the court's permission.

What are the rights of each brother when one is executor of the trust?

I am the executor of my mother's estate. When she passes away, I am the one who has to see that all of her debts are paid, buriel is taken care of, who she owes, notifying all creditors, etc. about her death. Making sure Social Security is notified. Each beneficiary is entitled to a full accounting of what the distribution of the estate is. The Executor is responsible for meeting all the requirements of the probate court and providing full documentation and valuation to the court.

What rights do you have as a non-executor adult child of the decedent if the decedent's brother is executor?

Depends on the will. With no will, the issue has precedence over everyone but a spouse.

Should a brother charge his sister executor fees if he is named as executor but they are to share the inheritance equally?

It is up to the brother. Most state probate codes allow the executor to charge a fee for their services. Executor duties and responsibilities can take up a lot of time. If there are only two beneficiaries, that will cut down on the executor's tasks somewhat. The brother should keep detailed time sheets for any time spent on estate matters and a deteiled account of any money spent on parking, postage, copying or other costs. The brother can then decide toward the end of his duties whether he wants to charge the estate or not. The executor's fee is a cost of the estate and should be paid before any assets are distributed so that brother and sister each pay equally.

Brother is the sole executor. He had the will changed after Mother had made a new one. Is this legal?

The executor has no authority to change a will. It is not their document and it is illegal to do so.

If brother is executor does he need his brother's signature to sell his dead mother's property?


Can your brother as poa take everything in the will and not include you or your sister?

No. If there is a will then the executor of the will MUST do what the will says.

Can an apt complex require you to get an executor of your brother belongings?

Yes, if he has died and you are not on the lease.