Spotting While Pregnant

You had a miscarriage three months ago You and your boyfriend tried getting pregnant again and now your period is light color and light what's wrong the miscarriage was tubular could you be pregnant?


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Your irregular period may be due to your miscarriage. You may be experiencing Kidney Deficiency.

Kidney Deficiency is a Chinese medicine diagnosis. It is characterized by scanty light red flow in alternating cycles, also dizziness and tinnitus (ringing in ears), weak and/or aching low back and or knees, frequent night urination (wakes you up to go), loose stools, pale tongue (roughly more pale than your lips) and deep weak pulse (on your wrist you have to press kinda hard to find it and it is easy to "squeeze off") perhaps you have been experiencing some or all of these symptoms as well

It is due to excessive loss of blood and essence (sperm in men, uterine blood and eggs in women). However Kidney Deficiency could have been the cause of the miscarriage. but remember the Kidney Deficiency is only a pattern of disease or disharmony, or a syndrome comprised of related or unrelated causes.

Below are some links for some good, brief information on miscarriage. This can be a great launch pad for your quest for info on your conditions. please remember that textbook patterns are just that, textbook. In real life it is not that easy you could have a combination of patterns. plus each of us are different (like a snowflake) which makes for completely unique conditions.

http://www.acupuncture.com/conditions/fertility.htm (about halfway down page)


You may consider taking a year or two off from trying to get pregnant, focus on nourishing your body with good food, (clear broth soups, not canned, home made is best, nothing real heavy, sushi with roe like salmon eggs is very nourishing to blood and essence, not to much, like two time a week or less plus you need to eat some of the ginger and some of the wassabi at least a little wassabi with it) some light exercise like Qi Gong or Tai Chi and maybe after a while start some yoga you will be well on your way. Some emotional counseling would be a good thing too. you never know what kind of emotional baggage is lurking especially after a miscarriage.

The Health of the baby throughout it's life depends directly on the state of health of it's parents from three month's before it is conceived on. That period before conception is the baby's foundation block upon which it's constitutional (genetic) health is built. Things like susceptibility to: congestive heart failure, or Heart Yang Deficiency If you're speaking TCM, depression, asthma, A.D.D., cancer, etc. The higher the quality of health of the parents the higher the quality of the baby.