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you could have got pregnant on June 28, 2009

sperm lives 72hours and if your period started on the 15th start counting from that day up to the 28 that gives you the 14th day after your period which would be and ovulating day if you have a 28day cycle and your cycle have been 28 days at least the last 6months to go by the ths method you cycle have to come the dame amount of days each month

1 week out of the month you can get pregnant y? there is a five day window and really there is on 1 day you can get pregnant ( this is alot but it helps) you ovulate for 3 and sperm can live up 2s that's ur week 1 day out of that five your egg is released to your uterus. if you had sex before this and within those 72hours then the egg can be fertalize and that's hpu you can become pregnant

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Q: You had a period on June 15th and sex on June 26 and also on July 2nd when did you get pregnant?
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I didn't have a period in June or July i took a pregnancy test in the middle of July that was negative i had a period aug 4 i just found out i am pregnant could i have gotten pregnant in July?

No. If you got a period after July, then you did not get pregnant in July.

Could you be pregnant if your period came on in June but not in July?

Yes. Take a test

What are the chances of becoming pregnant if your last period was June 24 and you had intercourse July 3-8?

if you have a 28 day cycle your right on track for getting pregnant. if the 24 was the first day of your period and not the last day July 3 was the 10th day after your period and July 8th was the 15th day if you havent got your period by now you should take a test with the first urine of the day hope you get what you want

I had my last period on June eleventh and the doctor says i got pregnant on July eighth can you tell me when i got pregnant?

a few days before your first missed period..

You started taking progesterone in June and your period came on in June and July and skipped August and came on in September can you still ovulate and get pregnant?


If you ovulate on the June 15th in a 26 day cycle when is your period due your last period was June 7th till the 10?

If you have a 26-day cycle, just add 26 to June 7, which will come out as July 3, so that's when you should expect your next period.

Your last period was 18 June im 5 plus weeks pregnant when did iconceive?

Around the 2nd or 3rd of July

If you had your period in June 2007 and sex in the same month but missed your period in July 2007 and again had sex when did you get pregnant?

depends when your last period started, but it somewhere after your period in June or in July but a cool tool that helped me is and they have a est due date caculator and alls u answer is last period! good luck!!

I had a miscarriage June 15 I had a period mid July but no period at all in August But my home pregnancy tests are negative as of today September 1st Can i still be pregnant?

There is a way that you can still be pregnant. It could still be to early to tell.

Your last period was June 102008 you are pregnant when did you conceive?

Roughly June 24th

When did I conceive?

I wanted to add to my question. My LMP was June 3 and lasted to June 7. My periods are irregular. I had sex on June 11, 12,14,19,20,21,25,30. I had no period in July. I just thought my period was late so i had sex a few times in the beginning of July (cant remember the days - maybe July 4th and July 6th and then on July 16 but used protection. Went to the doctor Aug. 11 and was told that I was 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I have no clue what that when did i actually get pregnant? Please help me to understand. Thank you

If you got your period in June but not in July and you went to the doctor when your period was a week late and the doctor said you were 6 weeks pregnant could he be wrong?

No he isn't wrong. The day you have sex and this is the day you became pregnant (day 1) your already considered 2 weeks pregnant.

If your due date is 8th of June whend did you get pregnant?

8th June 2009? Then it would be roughly Monday September 15th 2008

You smoked weed June 6 and Its now July 15th Is the weed out of your system?

That really depends on how much you smoked before June 6th. As long as you weren't a heavy smoker prior to June 6th, you will probably not test positive on any drugtests from July 15th onward.

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What day was 15th June 1933 on?

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Is it usually hot in Bulgaria in June?

End of June and beginning of July are hotter period.

If my period skipped in June can ovulation occur in July?


15th of June was your last period start and ends on 18th when will be your next period starts?

Your next period would be due 28 days after your last period, 15th of June being day 1.But it depends on your usual cycle length, you should mark on a calender every time you come on, to determine how long your cycle is.

When is the 2011 district conventions of Jehovah's Witnesses in DeKalb IL?

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Last period June 12-18 sex with ex on June 19-20 sex with Hubby on July 4th found out I was pregnant on 8302004.who would my baby's daddy be?

Get a DNA test, hon.

You started your period on the 14th of June and it ended on the 17th of June you had unprotected sex on the 24th of June and you feel sore breastsback painpain in abdomen am you pregnant?

you r pregnant!!!!!!

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