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Possibly. Some women have been known to be pregnant and still have their period THROUGHOUT the pregnancy. If you are concerned, take a home test. They are VERY accurate and it definitely would show up by now. Good Luck!

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Q: You had a regular period in march but in April you only had a two day period but it was still heavy could you be pregnant?
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If you had your period on the ninth of April and it is may 22nd and no period could you be pregnant?

if you had your period on the 9th of April and it is now the 22nd of may could you be pregnant

Could you get pregnant on your last day of your period even if you have irregular periods?

Yes, You could get pregnant whether you have regular periods or not. But, If you have your period and you get pregnant it could lead to a miscarriage.

Can a pregnancy test detect if you are pregnant if you still get your period regularly?

If you are having a regular period, why would you think you could be pregnant?

Can you still be pregnant if you have your regular period?

If you had unprotected sex you could be pregnant, if you are still concerned take a test.

If you have have'nt had a missed period till the 5th month does that mean you could be pregnant?

If your period is irregular it could miss a couple of months but if it is regular it should not unless you are pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you had intercourse 2 weeks before but had a regular period with no spotting?

== == * 99.5% of the time having a period means you are not pregnant. * Because you had a normal period then its very unlikely you are pregnant.

Your last period ended on the 16th of April and now you started your period again on the 3rd of May could you be pregnant?

If you're having your period, you are not pregnant.

Could I be pregnant if my last normal period was March and I have on and off light brown discharge the whole April?

Yes you could be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your period started out light pink and brown then regular flow?


My last period was July 23 could i have been pregnant already?

if you have a regular cycle and this was a regular period same number of days and bleeding is the same as always. no u could have not gotten pregnant before July 23rd because if you were pregnant your period would not come on women with regular cycles typically ovulate 14 days before next cycle so this cuts ur period off.

If you had your regular period for a week then it was gone but came back on and off right after that could you be pregnant?

probably not

You are 2 monthes late on your period and since have had constipation could you be pregnant?

The chances of being pregnant is very high if you have a regular period, do a home test of go for blood test but I do think that you are pregnant

Can a 50 year old get pregnant?

yes, of course. they could still be ovulating. And even if their period is not regular, its still possibe to get pregnant.

If you had your period on April 13th and sex on March 22nd could you be pregnant?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

Could you be pregnant if your period is due April 24th but you are spotting on April 15?

Yes, you could very well be pregnant. That could be implantation bleeding. However, I would take a home pregnancy test, or go to the doctor.

Could you be pregnant if the last date of your period was September 25 and now it's October 26 and your periods are usually regular?

Yes you could be pregnant. Do a pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant if you spotted light pink and brown blood the day before your period and then it seems to continue on like a regular period?


Can you tell if you are pregnant and not have a period?

Hello. You can tell if you are pregnant by doing a pregnancy test or having a blood test. If you dont have your period and are usually regular and have had sex recently, then this could be pregnancy related.

Could you be pregnant and still have your period?

Yes You Can Get Your Period And Still Be Pregnant because if you ever watched i didnt know i was pregnant until they have the baby sometimes some people have their regular flow while they are pregnant and it could be a bad thing its a 50 percent chance of your baby not being that healthy.

Your period was due on the 8th April and you still haven't come on but you have taken several pregnancy tests and they were negative what should you do could you be pregnant?

If you are normally regular, have been having regular sex and were taking the tests correctly I suggest you have a blood test at the doctor.

Could you be pregnant if I had a a somewhat regular period for 1 day and spotting for 2 days after?

yes, i think so.

Had a period on the 2nd of April and stopped taking the pill and had bleeding on the 10th April could you be pregnant?

If you're not using anything to prevent pregnancy, you may be pregnant. Take a test to check.

Could you be pregnant if you're supposed to start your period in a couple of days but and could this be your last period and still be pregnant?

If your period doesnt arrive or its very light then yes you could be pregnant. If its normal then no your not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your period was 6 days late you had enlarged breasts but your period is normally regular?

possibly, I'd take a test to see though

Could you be pregnant if you normally have an irregular period but it has been regular for the last three months and you have had cramping?

If you were pregnant, it would probably be the other way round, so your period would usually be regular and then suddenly be irregular. You are probably not pregnant, but if you're really worried, do a pregnancy test. Hope I helped!