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bruising after knee arthroscopy...hi i too had knee arthroscopy last Tuesday and my leg is bruised from the knee down to ankle. i have back up to hospital and have had blood test and ultra scan done and was told there is nothing to worry about and that is normal after the arthroscopy.
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Q: You had arthroscopic knee surgery last week your knee cap is still swollen and you have bruising from the ankle up to the thigh it this normal?
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Is it normal to have severe thigh pain and bruising from the tourniquet used during arthroscopic knee surgery?

No it is not al all

Is it normal for my dogs testicles to be black and red after being neutered yesterday?

Yes it is possible. It would be swollen and be have some bruising.

How long does it take to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery?

The amount of time it takes to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery varies from patient to patient. Some people are able to return to normal activities within a week, while others take up to 6 weeks. Generally it takes 6-8 weeks to make a full recovery from Arthroscopic knee surgery. It may take longer if you don't follow the doctors orders.

You had arthroscopic knee surgery last week how do know what is normal or abnormal bruising?

I am sure you have had a bruise on your body in the past, a black or blue mark that fades to green or yellow before fading altogether. Abnormal bruising is just that, abnormal, bruises that do not behave like normal bruises: black or blue marks that follow veins (infection), bruises so painful that movement is hindered, bruises that have something solid in them, bruises that get larger, bruises of non-bruise colors (red, white), etc.

Why is your hand and lower arm swollen days after surgery?

that is normal reaction of the body due to internal work and interuption

What are the normal results of arthroscopic surgery?

Pain and complications are rare and most patients will enjoy improved mobility as they recover over a period of days, possibly with the aid of physical therapy and gentle exercise.

What is the code of Anesthesia for arthroscopic total wrist replacement in a normal healthy patient?


Is it normal for bruising to occur after bunionectomy surgery?

Yes it is. Keep the area icepacked -- 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off. Bunionectomies take a while before it's comfortable to walk again.

You had knee replacement surgery 6 years ago and your knee is always swollen Is this normal?

Yes, after a few years knees that have been operated on often need maintainence, possibly another surgery. It will never get totally better, sorry.

Following carpal tunnel bilateral surgery 6 weeks later my hands are still swollen around the thumb joint on my palm is this normal?

Swelling after surgery is quite common. Any surgery on the hand requires the hand to be elevated in a sling otherwise you may get some swelling.

What is normal bruising after heart stent surgery?

It is more of a sterile procedure under local aneasthesia rather than a surgery as such.The placement of the stent is acheived by the catheter which is usually inserted either radially(from the arm) or femorally (from the groin). The catheter on the skin leaves only a small mark.It leaves some bruising marks on the arm because of the angle, the arm is kept for manouvering the catheter. This is normal as i consider this.This is from my own experience as i underwent the procedure in May,2009.

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Yes, it is normal

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