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symptoms are not always from pregnancy they can be from many other things or jsut your mind playing tricks on you...if your period came on time chances are that your not pregnant but if you still believe that you may be you can do an at home test or make an appointment with your doctor to have a blood test and or ultrasound done to see whats going on hoep everything works out for you Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-18 16:27:06
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Q: You had more than 3 symptoms of pregnancy and still your menses came a day later are you pregnant?
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Are you pregnant if you have pregnancy symptoms but your period came two days later than normal?

Probably not, maybe you miscalculated when your cycle is, pregnancy symptoms also mimic those of pre-menstrual. Take a pregnancy test to find out.

What if your partner says he didnt come in you but weeks later youre having pregnancy symptoms... Could I be pregnant?

He probably came in you, go buy a pregnancy test.

If you have symptoms of pregnancy but have not missed a period can you still be pregnant?

It's possible. Some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant.

How many weeks are you pregnant when you miss your menses?

Depends on when you had sex. Right after the last one or later.

Can you be feeling more pregnancy symptoms when pregnant later in life?

Yes- your system's not as strong and open to accepting new life as it was in your earlier years

Can you be pregnant if your bleeding comes two days later than usual and still feel or have pregnancy symptoms?

it might have pms symptoms-pregnancy and pms symptoms feel the same... if you think your pregnant then do a home pregnancy test..but bleeding heavy as a regular period you might not be pregnant but if you are spotting or bleeding light it might be implantion bleeding-this is when the developing egg implants itselfs in your uterine walls-some women gets this ...some just missed their period..good luckAnswerHi, PMS symptoms can feel like pregnancy symptoms. Especially bad PMS symptoms.Because you got your period then your not pregnant. If your period wasn't normal flow for you, then wait 2 weeks and do a pregnancy test or see your doctor for a blood test this week.

What occurs during the first week of pregnancy?

You are not actually pregnant the first 2 weeks and the symptoms starts later. The first week is when conception occur.

Miscarriage with continued pregnancy symptoms?

It can take up to 2 months until the pregnancy hormones settle and even longer if you had a later miscarriage and during that time the body think it's pregnant and will continue with the symptoms. If that time has passed you need to see a doctor.

Is it normal to not have any pregnancy symptoms?

Yes, it is very normal not to have any symptoms during pregnancy. Most women don't find out that they're pregnant until they have missed a period. And most of the time women will not experience any symptoms until later in the pregnancy. But I strongly recommend to you to wait and see if your period comes, and if not, go take a test. (At times if you're really stressed out about it you can miss a period, or it may come later.)

If you get pregnant while on birth control pills will you still show the withdrawal bleeding while on the placebos and would pregnancy symptoms still occur on the pill?

Yes you will still have a period but it may be later and old blood. Yes pregnancy symptoms would still occur.

You were a day later coming on period before you had a clear gel discharge during period blood gel discharge in it when finished got like brown yellow discharge and symptoms of pregnancy am i pregnant?

Signs of pregnancy are a missed period and positive pregnancy test. Take a test to find out if you're pregnant.

If periods had not resumed after removing Norplant insertion you ovulated later had dark brownish blood for 2 days pregnancy symptoms it is 23 days since ovulating 3 HPTs negative are you pregnant?

If your pregnancy test is negative, you are not pregnant unless it happened very recently.

Could you still be pregnant if you missed a whole month a week a day later started my period which has clear sticky fluids and i have pregnancy symptoms and have gotten bigger?

You are most likely pregnant. It is time to see a doctor.

You took several pregnancy tests and they say positive and then later they say negative you have all the symptoms of early pregnancy?

i think you are pregnant but the best way to know is to go to the doctor, that way you know whats going on for sure.

If you had unprotected sex on the 18th then later on the 22nd and got your period on the 25th as due and it lasted 4 days as usual and now your having pregnancy symptoms can you be pregnant?

Lol you freak

Do you still get pregnancy symptoms when you have an ectopic pregnancy?

hi there i had a eptopic last year 07 you still get pregnancy like symptoms i did im pregnant with the next one now very scared of the baby being eptopic too. im hoping for the best at the moment. when i had eptopic last year i had normal pregnancy feeling then later experienced sum pain in my tummy lower adomenen and pain in my ovaries both of them sometimes then i think my pregnancy symptoms went and just had pains

I'm having a normal period but you have all signs of pregnancy and you still believe im pregnant is that possible?

Yes, it can be possible. With my third pregnancy I knew I was pregnant before I had any symptoms. It is a womans intuition. But I started bleeding right on schedule so doctors assumed it was a miscarriage. My period was three days shorter than normal and I took a teast a week later to see that I had a baby waiting for me inside. But you must remember that pms symptoms are similar to pregnancy symptoms so if you still believe you are pregnant go see your doctor. You will get a free test and a valid answer.

Are leaking breast signs of a pregnancy?

Yes. A sign of later pregnant

You have no symptoms except that you are very sleepy after a condom breaking a week ago could you still be pregnant?

You could be pregnant - I am not denying that - but sleepiness only a week later would not be from pregnancy. It is more like you are not sleeping enough because you are worrying about it.

Could a girl be pregnant if her boyfriend ejaculated in her and her period is 9 days late but has no pregnancy symptoms?

It can take over a month or two until you get pregnancy symptoms. It differs between women. Why wait for the symptoms instead of just taking a test when you know you've had unprotected sex? The later it is discovered the fewer options you have. Take a test and get on birth control ASAP. And the next time use the Morning after pill. Don't wait for your period or pregnancy symptoms.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms the next day?

Yes I think you can. I had sex and the next day I knew I was pregnant. I just felt different! I did a test 4 days later & it was positive!! GOOD LUCK

How can you tell yor pregnant?

You will get cramps late or missed periods and you will throw up and your stomach gets fat you should go to the doctor for a pregnancy test or get 3 different types of home pregnancy to make sure your not pregnant or pregnant. But best way is the doctor some times it comes out false cause of hormones tho so if it comes out negative and a month later you have the same symptoms do another pregnancy test.

If my ovulation days were between the 24th and 28th and i had protected sex on th 27th and the condom broke and he cam inside me..and a week later am having pregnancy symptoms could i be pregnant?


How do you know if your pregnant if you dont take a pregnancy test?

Sooner or later you have a kid.

Can you get pregnancy symptoms while on the mini pill?

Yes you can get symptoms, Menstual and pregnancy symptoms are very similar so can be confused alot, such as cramps, headaches, sore breasts, feeling poorly. If you suspect you are pregnant than take a test but this is very unlikely if you have been taking your pill correctly (same time every day, not 3 hours later than the time you usually take it). The mini-pill will not affect a pregnancy test result.