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In almost all circumstances, the vehicle making the left turn must yield. And you, yourself, answered your own question by stating that you had the right of way. However, if you saw what was happening in time to avoid the collision, but hit the horn instead of the brakes, then you are partly liable for consequences you failed to avoid.

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Q: You had the right of way going straight a car turning left pulled out and hit you who is at fault?
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If a car pulls out of a turning in front of you and you hit him when he is stationary who is at fault?

If he was truly stationary and you hit him, you are probably at fault. If he was illegally going through the turn, he might be at fault.

Who is at fault if you hit the car behind you when you return to your lane after going around a car that was pulled over?

If you changed lanes and hit a car in the lane you are trying to get into you are at fault.

What is the meaning of straight away?

it means that you will go away and get straight to the matter.walk straight to the problem,without turning or going anywhere else before solving it.

When a Car a is making a left turn at a green yield light and car goes straight through and hits car a in passenger door?

I'm not sure what exactly your question is, but I believe that is the the "fault" of the car that is turning, even if the car going straight could/should have seen and been able to react to the turning car, the light is 'left turn yield on green' meaning, wait for the cars to go straight, and then turn when safe to do so.

If one driver is turning left and the opposing driver is going straight doesn't the driver going straight have the right away?

In most all states you loose your right of way when you make a turn.

Who is at fault if car is traveling strait and other driver is coming out of a side street with a stop sign and t bones car traveling straight?

The car at fault would be the one leaving the stop sign because it's failing to yield to the car traveling straight (that is, if the vehicle going straight has no stop sign).

Who is at fault if you sideswiped a vehicle while turning left and the vehicle was on the inside?

You, almost certainly, but possibly them: In a left-hand drive (right side of the road) country, you should not be turning left unless you are in the furtherest inner lanes. However, you should also not be going straight from an inner lane. Thus, if the lane you were in was marked as a left-turning lane, they are at fault; anything else, you will still receive your fair share of blame. In a right-hand drive (left side of the road) country, exactly how you manage to turn left and hit someone on a lane inside of you is beyond me, but you will be at fault. This applies even if they were approaching from a different branch of the road: a straight travelling vehicle has first priority, and after this comes right-turning traffic. You should not have turned until the path was and would have been completely clear as you turned.

Are you accelerating when you use cruise control?

Depends if you are turning or going straight. Assuming your cruise control keeps the vehicle at a constant speed.

Who is at fault if a car is turning right and the car behind is passing then the right turning car suddenly decides it is turning left and hits the passing car who is at fault?

The car with the sudden change in direction is at fault for not giving the passing car ample time to slow down. This assumes both cars were going the speed limit. It's the driver's responsibility to check the lane that they are moving into, to ensure there are no other cars (checking blind spots, mirrors, etc.)

Why do you think a satellite doesn't get pulled to the ground by gravity?

It certainly gets pulled toward the Earth. Without the pull of gravity, the satellite would continue moving in a straight line, instead of going around the Earth in a circle or ellipse.

Driver a is making a left turn driver b is going straight but driver b hits driver a passenger side of driver a car. who is at fault?

To tell you the truth, You both are at fault. If you go to court, usually they will tell you that it's the person that didn't have the right - of - way's fault.

Why does the left front end of your 2004 Chrysler sebring make a humming noise when going straight or turning left over 25 mph but stops when turning right?

A failing wheel bearing is a likely cause.

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