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i take them and for the 0.5 mg i need at least 4 or 5 of them, there really low in mg

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How many blue Xanax does it take to get high?

You do not get high on Xanax . . . it puts you to sleep. In fact, there is a form of Xanax that is sold as a sleeping pill. One blue Xanax should put you to sleep for several hours. Xanax is fairly addictive, as well.

How many Valiums are needed to be taken to get the same effect as a 2 mg xanax?

You need to take two 5m.g Valium tablets to equal a 2mg xanax.

How many mg of Ativan to get high?

Somewhere around 1-3mg's. Ativan comes in .5,1,and 2mg tablets. Ativan is a benzo very similar to klonopin,xanax,and valium.

How many 25 mg xanax should you take to get high?

A 25 mg xanax doesn't exist. They come in .25, .5, 1,2, and 3 mg. 25 mg,s of xanax would put you 6 feet under!

Xanax 25mg how many to get you high?

2-4. depending on your tolerance.

Flying want to take 10mg of xanax is that dose safe?

DO NOT TAKE 10 MG of XANAX or ALPRAZOLAM! These tablets are administered in 0.25, .50, and 1mg tablets, so I'm certain you can't get 10mg without taking many tablets together. Taking 10mg of Xanax would almost certainly be deadly or at the very least extremely dangerous. I take 10 mg of xanax every day and 2 10 mg of ambien at night. I'm over 40. Been doing it since a teen. Chill. It's ok.

How many mg are the blue Xanax?

one, it should be printed on the pill

How many Xanax should you take to get high?

People say they get high with xanax, but I don't find that to be the case. I was prescribed for it following a tragic incident in which I lost loved ones and was on it for two months. It didn't work. Try coffee instead. Better yet, don't take any drugs that aren't prescribed for you and then not until you have researched them thoroughly. Relying on other people for information is a crapshoot, and testing drugs on yourself is stupid. 2nd Answer: Great Answer! There is a form of Xanax that is marketed as a sleep aid. It is called, "Halcyon". Xanax does not get you high, at all. It puts you to sleep.

How many is a lot of Xanax?

Depends on the MG of the Xanax.

How many 25mg Xanax equals 2mg Xanax?

sixteen .25mgs = i xanax bar (2mgs)

How many xanax of 0.5mg do you take to get high?

1, you only need one xanax to relieve any symptoms of anxiety. If you are taking it to get high you will not feel any high it will only make you drowsey. If you are already mellow or relaxed this will do nothing or just put you to sleep. But to answer your question you only need one to feel the relief of anxiety. People die every year from overdosing on Xanax so if you take to many you can have an overdose and die.

What is a Xanax blast?

Its when you take too many Xanax and then you fall over.

How many yellow xanax bars can you take in a day?

The official maximum daily dose of Xanax is 4 mg/day for generalized anxiety disorder and 10 mg/day for panic disorder. The colour of the pill can't help determine the dose although I expect they are 2 mg tablets (the largest dose made).

What is the halfway point from Cincinnati Ohio and Myrtle Beach?

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