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i also have an 86 gt I've never had this problem but you may want to try taking your tank off and eithor cleaning or replacing you can also try regulator,injectors both can cause stress on the fuel pump if defective

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Q: You have 1986 ford escort gt 1.9 efi ho motor it has a fuel problem you replaced 5 fuel pumps what is the problem?
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I have replaced 3 fuel pumps in my 94 Jimmy in the last 12 years. Problem is with the pumps. I replaced mine with Autozone pumps. I heard only factory OEM pumps last. Ones at auto repair stores like Advance, Autozone or Pepboys burn up quick.

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1993 escort wagonahoy mate. i had the same problem on a similar car. ford, escort 1993. i took it to a friendly mechanic, he told to follow my heart and the gas line to find the gasoline pump! now, I've changed pumps on over three cars and raving results of thanks have happened.

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