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i also have an 86 gt I've never had this problem but you may want to try taking your tank off and eithor cleaning or replacing you can also try regulator,injectors both can cause stress on the fuel pump if defective


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I have replaced 3 fuel pumps in my 94 Jimmy in the last 12 years. Problem is with the pumps. I replaced mine with Autozone pumps. I heard only factory OEM pumps last. Ones at auto repair stores like Advance, Autozone or Pepboys burn up quick.

Water pumps generally last 60,000 to 90,000 miles. They are usually replaced around the time that timing belts are replaced.

A pool pump motor which is drawing half the amps listed on its nameplate can indicate a problem with the windings or a lack of incoming current. Pumps will only draw as many amps as are required to operate under the current load.

Pumps, lifts and conveyer belts

its not the carburetor that pumps fuel, its called a fuel pump, that's the problem

If fuel pumps were not necessary, there would not have any on your car! If there is a problem with your fuel pumps, your car will not start, or it will start but it won't run for very long.

There is a problem with the ABS. Sensors and rings are the main culprits. The pumps don't fail normally get a technical person to plug it in to avoid costly replacements. Or remove the bulb and sell it to an unsuspecting mug prat.

1993 escort wagonahoy mate. i had the same problem on a similar car. ford, escort 1993. i took it to a friendly mechanic, he told to follow my heart and the gas line to find the gasoline pump! now, I've changed pumps on over three cars and raving results of thanks have happened.

Irrigation pumps can run on electricity. You can also find pumps that will run on a motor, like that of a lawn mowers. So those would use gasoline or diesel.

Instead of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic gear motor does not work. Hydraulic pump hydraulic motor blade is used instead.

No but if your mechanic wants to replace both he is probably ripping you off. Replace one or the other. If problem persists you replaced wrong one.

I do recommend talking to your local electric motor repair guy, pumps and motors are what they do. Pool pumps are high volume low pressure pumps, and need to flow freely.

Dc shunt motor is a constant flux and constant speed motor . So that it is used in centrifugal pumps ,machine tools ,blowers and fans etc.

There are three categories of pumps. Gear. Blade. Piston. Pump or pressure to produce or to transmit fluid. By the electric motor turning the gears with the gear fluid pressure is removed. Pumps, gear pumps are the simplest type.

The seals in the pump are leaking and the pump needs to be replaced.

Yes most pumps are alike aside from needing a little pipe work to make them fit.

Keep in mind the #1 problem with these vehicles is fuel pumps. Most of the time the regulator is replaced needlessly.

yes.only positive displacement pumps can be used in hydraulics

what is substance density volume and distance of load x pumps max output

machine tooling,manufacturing of pumps, compressor, electric motor belt etc

Electric motor parts are pieces of electric motors. Some examples of electric motor parts are: bearings, carbon brushes, gasket materials, pumps, soft starters, and terminal boxes.

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