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Thermostat could be at the tempure setiting, No antiboil antifreeze coolant, and the water leakage or a bad waterpump.

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Q: You have 1990 Ford Aerostar 30L is overheating we had the thermostat replaced recently and it was working fine for a day now it is overheating again Also the heater is not producing any hot air?
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Why might a Chevrolet Caprice Classic overheat?

It could be you thermostat Have you have already checked oil level, and/ot changed oil recently Exaust restrictions can cause overheating

You have changed the radiator cap the thermostat the water pump is new and recently changed radiator the radiator stopped the frequenrt overheating but now very rarely it overheats and coolant boil?

Blown head gasket?

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Why is your Wrangler Sport 2000 overheating after recently changed radiator pump and the thermostat Radiator center is not even warm by touch but the top and the bottom are and Coolant is clean?

You may possibly have air in the system. Or your thermostat is not opening and closing properly. Double check that it was put on correctly. It wouldn't hurt to call a mechanic. From personal experience, I find I get better answers from neighborhood mechanics, than dealerships.

Central heating quit working and led on thermostat does not work?

I replaced my thermostat recently. Try They have lots of them and they have good pricing. Give them a look.

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i need an answer

Why would a 1995 Crown Victoria with the original thermostat only produce luke warm heat if the coolant is full and recently flushed?

Thermostat stuck open. Replace.

How do you get hot air to come out when the heater is on?

First check the water level. Low level will not get to the heater core. Change the thermostat. If you recently changed the thermostat, bleed the coolant system.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1987 Toyota Camry?

I did an 88 recently. facing the engine it is on the left. Follow the hose from the radiator.

Have recently replaced the water pump and thermostat and the 1996 astro still has problems overheating the coolant still boils Any ideas?

You need to make sure that your radiator fan is working properly. Some are fixed, some have a clutch that engages them when the engine heats up. Watch your fan when the engine is hot to see if it functions correctly.

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