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If the vehicle has less than 75,000 miles on it, use 10W-30 weight. If more than 75,000 miles, use 10w-40. These are multiweight oils, which means the viscosity when cold will be 10, and when hot, either 30 or 40.

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Q: You have 1996 Chrysler Cirrus LX model which engine oil to put you mean viscosity you dont have owners manual?
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Wiring diagram colour 99 Chrysler cirrus?

The wiring diagram for your 1999 Chrysler Cirrus can be found in any repair instructional manual. These manuals can be obtained at any auto repair shop.

Where can you find the engine diagram for a 2.7 liter Chrysler Sebring?

The best place to find an engine diagram for a Chrysler Sebring would be in the owner's manual. If you do not have your, contact Chrysler or check your library.

What time of oil do you use on a 1988 Chevy pickup with a 305 engine in it?

your OWNERS MANUAL will tell you' if you can read, that 5W30 is the required viscosity for the engine

how can i tell if my transmission on my 1996 chrysler cirrus has seperate or combined park/neutral switches?

You should consult the owners manual. Sometimes they can be found online or ordered from the company.

Where do you find a diagram of a 1997 Chrysler LHS engine and air condition unit?

The engine and AC condition unit diagram for a 1997 Chrysler LHS is found in the maintenance and repair manual. These manual books can be found at an auto part store.

What should the tire pressure be on Chrysler Cirrus original tires?

Check for a label: on the door jambs, trunk lid, fuel filler door, glove box door, or owner's manual

Are there any manual transmissions that will fit a 6G73 2.5L on a 1996 Sebring Convertible?

Just go to a junkyard and ask for a 6G73 Manual Transmission. This transmission was used on the Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Avenger, Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Stratus and the Mitsubishi Diamente. I'm not 100% sure if all of them had a 6g73 manual transmission available but im sure that most of them used it

Where can you find a Engine Diagram for a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country?

You can find an engine diagram for a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country in the car's owner's manual. You can also find it at different auto part stores.

How can get the service manual for Chrysler spirit 1993?


How many quarts of motor oil does a 1970 Chrysler 383 engine hold?

According to my Chilton's repair manual : With engine oil filter change : A 1970 Chrysler 383 takes ( 5 U.S. quarts )

What types of engine oil can be used for a 2004 Chrysler pacifica touring?

You can use any major brand but only use the weight that Chrysler recommends. More than likely it is SAE 5w20 but you need to know for sure. Look in your owners manual or call your Chrysler dealer if you have no manual.

When was the Chrysler Newport first manufactured?

The first Chrysler Newport, known as the Chrysler Newport Phaeton, was produced in 1940 and 1941. This was a low production car with a straight-8 engine and a 3-speed manual transmission.

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