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i had 98' Malibu that did the same exact thing. i was told that ac delco spark plug are the only plug with the the correct heat range. all others plugs are incorrect.

i put ac delco spark plugs ($13 per plug) and premium spark plug wires from napa auto ($50 per set) and haven't had a problem since. my uncle is a mechanic for Chevy and tipped me off to that.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 08:33:05
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Q: You have 1998 Chevy Lumina Sedan it jerks at any speed when the accelerator is held steady when it jerks the rpms and timing jump up no check engine light what causes this?
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There are pages and pages of causes. Have it checked for codes with a scan tool.

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A flashing check engine light means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

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yes it is not

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Why does the Honda City 2005 model give Jerk and off while accelerating the car give jerk till the speed of 80kmh when you push more accelerator but if you push accelerator slowly it runs without jerk?

With a fuel pump problem, the car may seem to shudder or make jerking movements while accelerating. This is commonly misdiagnosed as a dirty fuel filter or "bad" gas in the tank. What's really happening is that the fuel pump is wearing out and at high speeds is unable to provide steady fuel pressure to the engine, causing it to misfire.

Dodge 318 engine noise knock at idle?

Added info to question: Vacuum also coincidently went from steady 20psi to 15psi/knock - small backfire/miss on acceleration from idle. Knock is steady at idle.

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Have vehicle scanned to have codes cleared

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I had the same problem and it is your oxygen sensor.

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On a 1996 Chevy blazer I just replaced distributor dist cap rotor button and spark plugs when you drive for a bit the check engine light starts to flash then go steady what causes this?

Also when you try to give the car more gas. It starts to run very rough.

1988 Camaro 6-cylinder- Hard to start- unstable idle - the rpm will fluctuate while holding holding the accelerator steady?

check you idle control valve it can cause those symptoms also your throttle positioning sensor

Why does my 1997 ford escort engine shake in drive at stop light. But it has a steady idle.?

maybe the valve timing is a little bit out

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