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a fan page isn't an account, it's a fan page and run from your personal account


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They have Facebook and Twitter accounts where you can connect/contact them. See the related link below for their Facebook account. Their Twitter username is: @TwistandPulse

Sign out of your first one and when you go to, it says SIGN UP!. just sign up for another one. You can not connect both facebook accounts though

The owner is Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is used to connect with friends and family. Some people however, choose to create facebook accounts for comedy, fun, or to add random people.

Go into your settings in the blue toolbar to the left. There is an option to disconnect the two accounts.

Facebook and Twitter are not a need. Many people use these free services because they can connect with school friends and other people across the world.

You can create a Facebook account via Gmail. This links Gmail to connect with Facebook. The mails that you receive from Facebook are on this mail.

Yes you can connect with Facebook page rather than connecting with a person profile. You connect with the Facebook page simply by liking it.

No, it is not possible. The site will only let you link one Stardoll account to one Facebook account.

kids can use normal facebook but i thick that you shall not join facebook if you are under just because kids can get kidnapped, killed and hurt in other ways.because you cantell the world your personal info.

Login to Miniclip with your current Miniclip account detailsIn the player box in the top right of the page you will see a button with the Facebook logo and the word "Connect" - click it.A popup will appear, login with your Facebook email and password if you aren't already logged in to Facebook.Click "Accept" on the permissions page in the popup.A success page will then be displayed, this means you have successfully linked your Facebook and Miniclip accounts together.

first you have connect your twitter with facebook after that you can send your tweet at facebook wall.

Facebook can only connect people who join facebook. If you do not have a facebook account, no one can "have" you on facebook.

Download the facebook app from the app store.

you type facebook into a search engine and click on the link.

go onto the formspring website and go on to option 'connect to facebook' and to show messages asked on formspring on your facebook click the option 'facebook' at the bottom of the question

Click "My Settings" in the left-hand menu after you have logged in to Then, under "Connect Your Account," click on the Facebook icon to connect.

u click on the link to facebook myspace or click on connect to facebook or connect to myspace

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life and you can even connect with people on the other side of the world!

When personal computers began to connect to the Internet?

Account Settings > Services and connect your Facebook account there.

Account Settings < Services and connect your Formspring with your Facebook.

Yes, you can connect to facebook on a LG rumor touch. The phone does have problems with connecting to facebook. You can download a three party app to your phone.

Facebook is not allow to sign up under 18 year child.

Here are a few reasons why you could not connect to Facebook:The Facebook website may be down.There is a filter on your computer that prevents you from opening the Facebook website.Your internet is not working properly (usually, you may not be able to access more than just Facebook)

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