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yes ,I have tried it too

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no, only metal or magnetic objects.

The easiest way is to put a magnet on the metal. The magnet will not stick to Non ferrous metals whereas anything with a bit of metal in will stick.

Iron is a common metal that will stick to a magnet.

the magnet it could stick together becaus esomehow the metal attracts the magnet and it makes pulls the metal material and stick to it

depends on the metal, iron.

It would stick to the magnet....

A magnet will not stick to a pencil because pencil is not a metal, therefore, their is no charges between them.

no, the type of metal used is platinum which is unfavorable to metal or magnet.

Mercury does not stick to a magnet. Iron sticks well, nickel sticks a little.

Pennies Older than 1996 are made of a high percentage of copper which is not magnetic, Pennies after 1996 are made of Zinc and or Steel with copper plating .. the Zinc/steel is magnetic and will stick to a magnet

Magnets stick to cans of beans because the can is made of aluminum. Aluminum is a type of metal and magnets stick to metal.

The reason why magnets don't stick to pennies is because magnets attrack to a certain material that pennies don't have.

when a magnet does'nt stick to another magnet it is called non-metal

any thing that's made out of metal

If the magnet is small enough and if you are sweaty or have some kinds of sticky materials on your skin, a magnet might 'stick'. But it will not stick to you by way of magnetic attraction unless you are robotic or you have a prosthesis that has sections of magnet attracting metal.

Yes you can No1. Get a magnet. The stronger the better. Rub the magnet up a piece of metal then when you get to the end take the magnet off the metal and take it back to the start making sure the magnet doesn't touch the metal. I don't really like this method as it takes a long time to get the metal to pick up anything decent. No2. Get a magnet and let it stick to a piece of metal. The piece of metal will be weak but enough to make the needle on a compass move. (Don't ruin a compass. Mine point south-west and it shouldn't do that...)

Gold, of any carat weight will not stick to a magnet. Only ferrous metals will stick to a magnet. Gold, aluminum, brass and copper are a few types of non-ferrous metals,and will not stick to a magnet. If your gold sticks to a magnet it is gold plated ferrous metal.

if you mean a magnet that can stick metal to it, then no it doesn't it only has north and south

The refrigerator isn't actually a magnet, it it simply made of metal which magnets can then stick to.

Yes, pure nickel is a magnetic metal.

The majority of Canadian Pennies minted from 2000 to present will stick to a magnet. All Canadian modern quarters, dimes and nickels will stick as well.

The only jewelry that would stick to a magnet would be anything with iron in it. Gold, silver, and platinum will not stick to magnets, either.

anything that can become polarized such as metals

Does silver stick to a magnet? NO Does gold stick to a magnet? NO

Sterling silver is a non-ferrous metal alloy, so a magnet will not stick to it. Many metals, however, are non-ferrous, so just because a magnet doesn't stick to a particular metal doesn't make it sterling silver.

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