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You have Honda CVR 2004 code for radio how you can enter the code?

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March 02, 2009 3:27PM

You can try checking that little book that came with your car, called an Owner's Manual. It contains a wealth of information, except it probably says nothing at all about the radio code issue. Obviously the manual hasn't passed a usability test.

Turn on the radio. If the display on the radio says "code", then enter the code using the preset buttons. If it doesn't say "code", try pressing the Mode button until 'code' appears. If you can't get 'code' to appear by pushing buttons, see below.

If it is a anti-theft radio, it will say so on the face plate. If it says "CODE" and won't play, you will need a 5-digit code to enter, unique to your car. Ways to get this: 1. Don't bother going to a Honda dealership. They will just try to get you to pay a "technician" to do something you can do yourself. 2. Look around the car for places that list a 5-digit code: some have found it on the inside of the glovebox, sometimes on the outside left, others under the hood, in the center console, in the ashtray, etc.

3. If you have all your original paperwork etc. that came with the car, look in the "Service History" booklet, not the owner's manual. Or check for a plastic card labeled "Anti-Theft Radio Identification Card", has both serial # and 5-digit code #. 5. Pull the radio out of the dash, look for the stereo serial number on bottom or back of stereo, then call Honda and they can look it up with that and your VIN #. Kind of a pain. 6. If it's a 2000 or newer, you can get the serial number by holding down the 1 and 6 preset buttons and turning the radio on, then call Honda, etc.

Once you have the code, enter the 5 digit code with the station presets. You have a limited # of attempts to insert the code, so if you've been trying or a service technician has been trying random codes, it will lock up and not accept any code. If the radio locks up, run the radio for 1 hour and it will allow you to try again, or disconnect the negative battery terminal for 60 seconds and that will clear the lock on the radio. Then you canenter the code.