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If it's injected, run a diag test. A basic tune-up should help with more complete combustion. Plugs, wires, rotor and cap along with setting the timing. Also, make sure the air filter is clean. Replace it if there is any question. If you're getting too much fuel it could be ther air filter, if it's just not all burning it could be the ignition.

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Q: You have a 1986 ford Bronco that keeps faleing the emissions test because of bad air to gas mixture what is wrong how can i stop the Bronco from emitting unburned fuel and inprove the milage?
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What is a cat converter?

Catalytic converter. A device that use platinum as a catalyst to reduce unburned hydrocarbon emissions from your vehicles exhaust.

What a catalytic converter?

Mounted in exhaust system down stream from engine it reburns unburned gases. Object, cleaner emissions.

What emission comes from a car's exhaust?

The emissions are mainly nitrogen, carbon dioxide, NOx, water vapour and unburned hydrocarbons

Purpose of catalytic converter?

It superheats exhaust gases and burns any unburned gases to clean up the emissions escaping from the tailpipe.

What is an EGR valve what does it do?

EGR (exhaust gas reclaimer), it is designed to reburn unburned exhaust gases. It helps clean up emissions.

What happens if you take the catalytic converter off?

Your car's unburned hydrocarbon emissions will rise. In many states this is illegal and you can be severely fined.

How do you spell cataliticenverter?

A catalytic converter is an automotive emissions device that uses heated metal compounds (notably platinum) to remove unburned fuel from exhaust gases.

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How does a converter overcome unburned hydrocarbons?

This question refers to the emissions control equipment used on modern vehicles. A vehicles catalytic converter may used platinum and palladium substrates to bind with CO and NOx to change them into ideally water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen only emissions.

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How does the secondary air injection system work?

An air pump pumps in fresh air into the exhaust system before the catalytic converter to help the cat converter burn unburned fuel = cleaner emissions.

What damage does the erg valve do?

Perhaps you mean EGR valve. It stands for exhaust gas reclaimer. It sends some of the exhaust back through the engine to re-burn unburned fumes for cleaner emissions.

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What if there is unburned gasoline in your engine?

The unburned gasoline accumulated in the crankcase is recirculated by the PCV valve to the intake air and burned again. The unburned gasoline in the exhaust reacts inside the catalytic converter, making carbon dioxide and water.

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