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Bad distributor cap and/or spark plug wires. Bad timing belt.

2006-09-08 21:53:58
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Could a timing problem an oxygen sensor or ECU problem cause your 92 twin turbo dohc dodge stealth to back fires on down shifting and misfire on rapid acceleration?

sound like your timing jumped get it checked

How do you get a 1987 Olds Toronado with a timing problem but still fires and will work once in a blue moon to run?

Possible ignition module problem.

What is the difference between advanced and retarded timing?

Advanced timing is when the spark plug fires AFTER Top Dead Center, retarded timing is when it fires BEFORE TDC.

302 motor runs rough when you give it gas and it back fires some could this be water in the gas?

Your timing is off. Buy a timing light.

What is a timing gun?

it is a gunlike device wich fires light and it is used to align properly a timing chain in an engine.

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What would cause 1996 Cavalier 2.4 to suddenly while driving start missing on two cylinders and when coils changed for it to be out of timing but one cylinder fires but others backfire.?

Since the Cavalier is out of timing, check the timing gears and belt. It sounds like the belt has slipped and is causing the base problem with the car.

Why would your 302 engine backfire through the intake?

If it is running at the time it back fires your timing is off about 22 degrees. if it happnes when you are trying to start it then you timing is off 180 degrees.... Your intake valve is open when the spark plug fires.

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What makes a 370 4v engine backfire through intake?

If it is running at the time it back fires your timing is off about 22 degrees. if it happnes when you are trying to start it then you timing is off 180 degrees.... Your intake valve is open when the spark plug fires.

What does it mean when you hear a sudden a loud explosion bang sound from the car when you are driving?

engine back fires: could be from bad gas,needs tune-up,incorrect timing,coil

What is ignition timing?

ignition timing is the time when your spark plugs fires the gas in the engine cylenders usually tdc or top dead center on the #1 cylender

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How do you read timing gun?

Pulses of light blink every time the cylinder which the timing gun is hooked up to fires. Typically, a timing gun is hooked up to cylinder #1. When that cylinder fires, a pulse of light occurs. The timing gun it to be aimed at a marking on the front of the engine, usually the harmonic balancer. By looking at the mark, you can determine how advanced (ahead) or retarded (behind) the engine is running. This is usually measured in degrees.

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Why misfiring petrol injection engine?

Misfiring on a petrol injection engine is caused due to incorrect ignition timing. As the engine rotates, the timing determines when each piston fires or ignites.

86 Honda shadow will fire but won't stay running when it does it idols rough and backfires a lot removed the carbs and cleaned them but still have the problem any ideas about how to get it to run?

your plugs may be fouled. pull them and check for carbon buid-up, discoloration, etc. you may be able to clean them and adjust the gap. also, very much sounds like a timing problem. the timing could be off just enough to permit the bike to start but will not accept throttle, idles rough, & small back-fires through the carbs. hope this helps

My 00 crown vic fires but doesn't stay running?

Fuel problem.

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How do you know when your timing jumps in an '87 Ford e150?

timing that jumps, usauly is motor turns over but does not fire. Or motor back fires, either out of carberator or muffler/tail pipe. you can also get a timing light, and point it at the timing metal indercator, just above the the pulley on your engine.

91 jimmy it sputters and back fires into the carb you replaced the hei module egr valve throttle position sensor fuel filter PCV valve and it still runs rough is it the timing?

Same problem with my 91' Jimmy. I put it in the shop and it was the timing. Can be very cheap if you can do it out yourself, or put it in the shop and it will run you about $130-150 including labor.

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