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Ummm no where??!!?! for one a b2200 is a Mazda pick up and in that case it would be on the drivers side half way back affixed to the inner side of the frame rail :P simalair location on either truck though

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2011-09-14 08:33:24
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Q: You have a 1988 Isuzu B2200 truck where is the fuel filter located?
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Where is the oil filter located on a 1994 Isuzu truck?

the oil filter on a 1994 Isuzu truck is located just below the a/c/ compressor, you will have to get under the truck from the front to see it.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1990 Isuzu truck 2wd how much is the fuel filters cost?

It is in the line under the truck about midway to the engine.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1992 Isuzu truck 4 cylinder?

It might be right under the hood of the truck, or it might be right in the middle/ box part of the truck.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1990 Isuzu truck 2WD?

Under the truck in the frame rail.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1992 Mazda B2200 carberated truck located?

Check on the passenger side, near the firewall. In my 91 B2200 it is a plastic inline filter, held in by two hose clamps. Takes about 90 seconds to replace. There is also one at the inlet of the gas tank.

Where is the gas filter 1991 Mazda b2200 pickup truck?

Look under vehicle follow fuel line from tank

Where is the fuel filter on a 1989 Isuzu pickup?

I m pretty sure on the 89 model it would be located on the frame rail near the gas tank under the truck...GOOD LUCK

What cars use a Fram PH3675 oil filter?

That's a very popular filter for many Pontiac, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Checker, GMC truck, Jeep truck, Oldsmobile and Isuzu.

Where is the ignition module located on a 1989 Isuzu pickup truck.?

bellow the intake manifold

How do you drain water from diesel filter on 2008 Isuzu npr truck?

On that Model year their is a small drain on bottom of the fuel filter. Its located back left of engine and is the only filter for the fuel system. It doubles as main filter and water seperator all in one housing. Good luck

Where is fuel filter on 1992 Nissan truck?

where is the fuel filter located on a 2002 Nissan frontier truck 4 cycle

Where is the fuel filter located on a four cylinder 1995 Toyota pickup truck?

The fuel filter is located on the firewall on a four cylinder 1995 Toyota pickup truck!

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