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You have a 1989 Ford Aerostar changed the pads and mastercylinder and the wheel cylinders and still every 5 pumps of the brakes the pedal goes to the floor HELP?


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2005-11-21 19:41:52
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I would suspect you have purchased a defective master cylinder, especially if it was a rebuilt unit. Also make sure you have bled the system properly & completely to remove all air. Bleed in this order. RR-LR-RF-LF The master cylinder must be bench bled prior to installing ; I suspect you have air in the system if you did not bench bleed the master cylinder prior to installing it on your vehicle.Try this: obtain a quart of brake fluid and rebleed the system; you want it to be this problem vs removing parts and starting over. I hope this helps you. Mark


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When you stomp on the brakes and you still hit whatever is in fron of you... of course!

It is an ABS module for the rear brakes...

There is brake hardware and lubrication that needs to be replaced. The brake hardware and lubrication that goes on the hardware allows for the brakes to easily release. Now you may want to check to see if your calipers are sticking, or even check to see if the wheel cylinders for your rear brakes are frozen. I am a Brakes Plus Employee.

there are bleeders on the wheel cylinders

you could have a few problems such as air in lines or a bad booster i would bleed the brakes and see if that helps if not check your booster and vacume

The same way you bleed brakes on a newer car, bleeder valves are in back of the wheel cylinders on the backing plate.

Less. If the pedal is going down, it is the master cylinder or one of the wheel cylinders leaking.

Yes, drum brakes are expensive. They are those back brakes. If you don't get them repaired they can cause a lot of more money which is destroy your rotors and the wheel cylinders, which are very costly.

The wheel cylinders will be associated with the rear drum brakes. Drum brakes use a wheel cylinder to activate the brakes - push the shoes out against the drum. Disc brakes use a caliper unit to push a piston out and squish the brake pads against the rotor. The front disc brake pads are pressed against the rotor by pistons inside the calipers to slow the vehicle. Both are hydraulically controlled.

I need a daigram of the rear brakes being changed

This isn't a difficult job to do. The first thing is to prepare. Purchase the masterclinder first. Most will come with a brake bleeding hose assembly. It should have two plastic fittings with a length of hose. Screw the fittings in the right holes where the brakes hoses will be. Attach the hoses to the fittings. Place the mastercylinder in a vise or stabilize it somehow. Pour brake fluid into it. Place the ends of the hose's into the mastercylinder with the brake fluid. The ends need to stay under the fluid level. Use a screwdriver or something like it and pump the mastercylinder in the end. It will be stiff. As you pump it gently, air bubbles will come out of the hose ends. Keep the mastercylinder full. keep pumping until there are no more air bubbles coming out. Leave it in your vise. remove the old mastercylinder by removing the two brake lines (metal) and any wires. Remove the two nuts that attach the mastercylinder to the truck. Place the new mastercylinder on the studs and tighten the nuts. Remove the plastic fittings and hoses. Install the brake lines. If your pedal is spongy, have someone pump the brake pedal until it's hard and hold it. Loosen the brake bleeder fitting on the wheel farthest from the mastercylinder (rear, right). Fluid will come out. Keep holding the pedal down until you have tightened the bleeder screw. Repeat this several times remembering the make sure the mastercylinder doesn't run out of brake fluid. Do the same thing on the other side several times. Move to the front brakes and do it again, both sides. This will remove any air trapped in the lines and remove the old brake fluid that might corrode your system. Be sure to clean and drain the old mastercylinder and return it for your core charge if there is one. Good luck.

On any brakes I have ever done you use the bleed valves on the back of the cylinders. open when some one gentlysteps on the brake for you.

if your car has rear drum type brakes you pull off the rear drums the cylinder is at the top between the brake shoes it will also have a brake line to it on the outside of the backing plate if you have 4 wheel disc brakes you have no wheel cylinders you have 4 calipers

means you have a problem in the rear brakes of your car. go to a mechanic before ya have a wreck

When working on a vehicle it is important to have a diagram. The brake diagram can be found in maintenance books and in online forums.

you go to a mechanic and change*

leaky brake cylinders, leaky brake lines

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