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I assume you mean the fitting that is on the intake manifold that connects to the heater hose. Unfortunately, you will probably have to get a new manifold or possibly get a used one from a wrecking yard. * ++ Better answer ++ The part you are looking for is called a heater hose fitting. You have to screw out the old fitting first and measure what size your's is, probably a 3/4". Here's a "how to". A new intake will not include this. You'll need a new intake if you have damaged your threads severly. farmerTom Cut the hose off just above the metal part at the intake. Screw out the old fitting Go to Home Depot and buy a 3/4' king nipple. Teflon tape the threads and screw it into intake manifold. Slide the hose over the king nipple and put a hose clamp on it.

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Q: You have a 1990 Chevy Pickup with a 305 engine and the fitting on the intake for the antifreeze that flows to the heater core broke off Where can you find a diagram for this part?
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