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One thing I would check first: The fuel filter could be partially blocked and you could have sediment that gets stirred up when you start the engine further blocking the filter. After it sets for a while enough of the sediment could move out of the way to allow a small amount of fuel to get past. If that isn't the case, check to see if there is any spark after the engine starts and then fails to start again. Pull one of the sparkplug wires and connect it to a spare sparkplug. Set the sparkplug on a part of the engine that is solid metal and is well grounded. It doesn't even need to be a sparkplug that fits the car. Have a friend attempt to start the engine and watch the sparkplug for signs of a good hot spark. If the engine won't run and you have no spark, you probably have a bad component or connection. Sometimes they can be difficult to diagnose. Get back to me if you can't find out what's wrong and I'll see if I can help you figure out what to check next. It is also possible that you might have vacuum leak at the gasket between the intake manifold and the throttle body or between the intake manifold and the engine

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Q: You have a 1991 eagle talon that will start and run for a few seconds and then turn off after that it will not start up again what could be the problem?
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