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the ac could be related and if the battery light is on it means that your alternator is not charging properly which in turn could stop your ac from working due to lack of power I would change my alternator and see if that fixes your problem.


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The same thing happened to me this week with my '96 Explorer . Battery light came on, would not go off. But my amp meter is showing that my alternator is doing its job. I left the lift gate open for about 2 hrs and when I went to start it the battery would not turn the engine over. Jumped it and didn't have a problem...but that battery light was still on. If the serpentine were slipping enough to cause the battery light to stay on it would also be squealing non-stop, so I never thought that. I disconnected the negative battery cable and drove it for about 4 miles with no problems, I figured the alternator was not the problem. Installed a new battery from another vehicle, battery light still stayed on. I then got a piece of scotch brite and die-electric grease and disconnected every ground wire and strap I could find including batt cables. Battery light still on. I then had my son sit in the drivers seat and instructed him to let me know if/when the battery light flickered. With the truck running I started wiggling wires and connectors, when I got to the back of the alternator he told me it blinked. I shut it off, disconnected the neg battery cable, popped the connectors off the back of the alternator cleaned and greased all the connectors. Started the truck the battery light was off and has stayed off.

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