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You have a 1993 Toyota Corolla and you cannot get the key in the ignition It has been working just fine?


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We have 3 Toyotas and the keys have bent on 2 of them. Just make a new key if you don't have one already and everything should work just fine again. It did for us.


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Look below the glove box to the left. Google blower motor resistor for 2003 Toyota Corolla to see what it looks like and you cannot miss it.

You cannot bypass the immobilizer. There is a reason for that. You will have to contact Toyota and have proof of ownership of the vehicle first then they will have you bring the car in for services.

you need to take it to a Toyota dealer. this cannot be done without a Toyota special tool

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There are a number of reasons why your Toyota Previa will not start. You should ensure that the battery is working properly, that the engine is able to pump fuel and if you cannot resolve the problem, you should call a mechanic.

You must replace the ignition switch if you cannot get the key out.

It sounds like the clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder has gone bad.These are not that expensive to replace.

No most fans run off a sensor and thermostat when your motor gets hot the sensor turns on the fan or if there is a load on the motor the fan will come on.Other than you cannot turn your ignition on because of the worn tumbler.

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A battery cannot be drained by a shorted diode when the ignition key is off.

You cannot fix it, just replace it.

There are several things that can cause a key to get stuck in the ignition. You can try turning the steering wheel a bit to the left or right to see if that allows it to release. Also, try pushing the key in a bit more and turn it to the lock position, then try pulling it out. Don't force the key or it could break off in the ignition.

Cannot physically remove the speed "governor" on the car - it is controlled via the ECM (engine control module). Same with other parameters such as RPM limit, fuel cut-off limit, etc. Toyota ECM cannot be "flashed" as readily as other makes, you must run a piggyback or similar to intercept those signals.

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A bad ignition coil will cause your engine not to have any spark. Without any spark the engine cannot start or run.

the beeping is a factory safety feature and cannot be simply turned off. short of removing the buzzer itself, this is not recommended as it is unknown if there are any fail safes running through this circuit

A person cannot buy a Melody Toyota. This is the name of a Toyota dealership! Not a very highly rated one either, at least from the reviews that have been posted.

The van should have electronic ignition, resistors are built into the ignition module and cannot be serviced. The module is located on the left inner fender below the master cylinder.

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