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You may have more than one problem, but right away you need to start by getting your thermostat problem fixed. For one reason or another your thermostat is not letting the engine heat up to normal operating temperature. Get a new 195 degree thermostat in there, and you may fix all your issues. When the engine runs too cold, it confuses the computer because it is programmed to expect the engine to be fully heated up within a predetermined time. If it dosent see the engine fully heated, it has to resort to preset stadegies in it's programming to run the vehicle. Fix the not heating up problem ad let's see how many other issues you fix as well.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-01 03:26:19
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Q: You have a 1993 grand marquis it runs really good other than the fact it takes forever to warm up once you start off it hestitates on taking the gas you ran be running down the interstate about 70 to?
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