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One possibility is a heavily sludged or inoperative Idle Air Control(IAC) valve. Get a can of carburetor cleaner and disconnect the air snorkel from in front of the engine. Start the engine, and while using one hand on the throttle lever, keeping the engine running, spray carb cleaner into the open air intake port. Dont spray too much or too little, just try to keep from killing the engine as you do. Spray as much in there as you like, the whole can if you want to. After you are done shul off the engine, and disconnect the battery for about 5 mins, to force the PCM to forget all learned idle stradegy. Reconnect the battery, start the vehicle, and run for a few minutes to allow the PCM to relearn the base idle. Next time you start the engine cold, hopefully your problem will be gone. If not, then it wasn't a sludged IAC.

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Q: You have a 1994 areostar 4.0 that just dies when you put it into drive until its warmed up for 15 min then its okay and the check engine light doesn't come on and it starts So what could be the proble?
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