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Could be either or, but also a switch, not to exclude wiring or connections.

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Q: You have a 1995 ford explorer console fan is not blowing at all heat or cold Checked fuse and its OK Also checked for power to fan no power Could it be this blower resistor or blower relay?
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How do you replace the blower resistor for a 1999 Ford Contour?

the Blower resistor pack is in the vent along the firewall its a white retangular door 1"X2" with one screw with a star head... your local ford dealer has replacement resistor packs and have been redesigned...It fixed the problem with mine...It only cost $14 I have a 1995 ford explorer console fan is not blowing at all (heat or cold). Checked fuse and its OK. Also checked for power to fan (no power). Could it be this blower resistor or blower relay?

Why does resistor on a 1968 dodge charger have to be replaced every 2-3 months?

must be too much load going through it and blowing it out, get the wiring checked.

I have replaced the blower motor resistor and It blows on 1 and then it stops blowing completely what is the problem here?

Have you checked to see if your 12V dc relay under the hook is working properly?

2004 Dodge truck ac not blowing Fuses and resistor checked along with blower motor what else is there?

First check that the ground and the power for the blower are both good and then scan the computer..............

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2000 ford explorer all power windows not working?

Have you checked the fuses?

Ive changed the heater blower in your car it has heat but isn't blowing hard enough had the blower checked again its good and ive changed the heater setting panel in your 92 thunderbird?

check the blower motor resistor

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How come the fan does not shut off on my 2000 bravada?

Have your blower motor resistor or blower motor checked out

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A malfunction has been detected - get it checked out

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No power at the blower motor resistor?

Since you're checking the resistor, I would assume you checked the fuse/relay for the blower motor. If not check that. If you have then there would be an open wire between the relay and the resistor.

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have you checked the fuse if so then you will need to replace the resistor for the blower hig and low dettings have you checked the fuse do you have 12 volts to blower if so then you will need to replace the resistor for the blower replace the blower motor

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What could be the cause of an air conditioner in a 1999 ford escort not cooling but still blowing coolant levels have been checked and are high enough everything under hood was checked and seemed ok?

Was the voltage to the compressor clutch checked? Not knowing how thorough the under-hood check was, it sounds as if the compressor is not engaging. The causes for that are varied, but it is an electronically controlled event.

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Sorry NO - I checked on - different part numbers and parts look different

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