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well when was the last time you checked your oil i sounds like a rod nockin to me make sure all your fluides are at the right befor operating

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โˆ™ 2005-10-19 04:38:43
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Q: You have a 1996 Lumina with a V6 3100 engine taping all the time you heard that this motor is a problem what is this?
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How do you fix vapor lock on a Chevy v6 vortex engine?

Haven't heard of vapor lock with electronic fuel injection. That was a problem when vehicles had a carburetor. What seems to be the problem with your vehicle?

Hi i heard that if your check engine light is on you cant pass the e check even if the o2 censor is working properly how do you fix this problem?

go have your engine scanned to see what the problem is the o2 sensor is not the only part in the emissions system

Isuzu Rodeo engine knock?

dirt deposits on the lifters. i have heard using mobil 1 synthetic will fix this problem. You may also want to consider a having a engine flush done. I had this problem with the v6 in my 97 Rodeo with 135k miles; solved the problem for me. price was reasonable.

Why won't a 1988 Pulsar engine rev above 2500 rpm?

I have heard of this a few times in the past on all different types of cars. The most common problem that I have heard of is a clogged catalytic converter.

What might be the problem if driving and then heard a single squeal from engine compartment then a loss of drive unless shifted into 1st or 2nd gear on automatic transmission?

I'd check the throttle cable or the kickdown cable. That squeal you heard in the engine compartment might have been a cable breaking.

Is the Ford 2.3 liter engine an interference engine?

i have heard that it IS NOT an interference engine

What does the check mpsr light mean on a 2006 Honda odyssey?

I have never heard of a mpsr light. If you are referring to the Check Engine light it means there is a problem with the emissions system.

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IS there a problem with London Dockland? I haven't heard of one.

What would cause a squealingchatter sound from the underneath near rear of engine on a 2000 ford explorer v6ohv automatic when at idle?

Fuel pump, I think I have heard of this problem before

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1996 lumina drove to work back home fine Now when turning key trying to start no clicking or cranking can be heard Radio dash lights everything else works Just no cranking no start Whats wrong?

AnswerCheck wires on starter - maybe "trigger" wire on starter solenoidMay be bad starter? " " " solenoidCheck to make sure3 battery cables are tight and cleanhad same problem on my lumina hope this is not your problem.. security light flasded on off had to fix anti thef security system..forgive my spelling

Has anyone ever heard of a 2001 Highlander's engine blowing at 70000 miles with no warning The oil pump broke but the oil resovoir was full.?

This engine is known for having a sludge problem. Toyota extended the warranty for 7 years (total). I don't know if this caused your problem but you may want to look into reimbursement from Toyota if sludge was the cause.

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Never heard of a 4.2 liter engine.

Why wouldn't you hear the roar of a rocket engine in space?

Space is essentially a vacuum. Sound needs a medium to travel through to be heard. Therefore the sound of a rocket engine cannot be heard in space.

When you start your engine in the morning you heard knocking sound alwalys in the top of the engine?

Possible dirty sticking valves.

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What would cause engine to make noise when defrost is turned on?

The A/C system compressor operates when in the defrost mode. If the noise is also heard when running the A?C it is more than likely a problem with the compressor/pulley.

If no beeps are heard even after you reboot a couple of times then what can you assume about a booting problem?

You can assume the problem is with the processor, the BIOS, or the motherboard.

You were driving your car and you heard a ting noise from the engine then right when you heard it your battery gauge went to 10 volts and your steering went stiff?

Sounds like you've had a belt brake! check your engine bay

Where is the top speed sensor on a 91 lumina v6?

Never heard of a top speed sensor. Vehicles are usually governed by the computer. The only way to remove the governor is to have the computer reprogrammed.

What are cold packs on a ford 5.4 engine used for?

What exactly is it. I have never heard of this?

Is it damaging to an car engine to leave the airconditioning on when turning engine off?

No it is not. But I have heard it could be damaging over time to the A/C compressor to turn off the engine with the A/C on.

1998 Honda civic 1.6l tapping noise when car is first started?

Most probably the noise is piston slap, this noise is heard when the engine is cold and disappears when the engine is hot. if the slap is very strong when the engine is cold and the noise becomes less when hot but still the noise can be heard.