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I would suspect a bad starter solenoid that you shorted across. I would use a test light or multi meter to probe the wire leads that go to the starter solenoid and if they test good, replace the starter/ solenoid as an assembly.

more then likely it is you Vehicle anti Theft System..... it says a signal to start your starter and your fuel injectors...... that's why it dies right after

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Q: You have a 1996 Monte Carlo Z34 tha wont turn over with the keyBut you can take a screwdriver and cross over the starter and it will startbut only for a minute When you turn the key its like a dead ba?
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Why does your 96 Audi A4 not start sometimes then after a minute holding down starter it works?

If it takes a minute for your car to start while holding the key down it sounds like your starter has gone bad. Try replacing the starter.

How do you change starter on a 1996 gmc sierra?

the starter should be on the right side of the engine block there aretwo or three bolts going into the block then the starter should come down a little but on the front of the starter there is a nut holding on wires to the starter i think they are 10mm. once the bolts are out of the block and no wires are on the front of the starter it should come out. its a 10 minute job if that

1994 ford explorer won't start I tried starter fluid it starts for a minute or so what could the problem be?

fuel pumps bad

The car will not start by the key but all the electoroics come on in the car but if you cross the post on the starter it will run for a minute and die?

maybe the neutral safety switch

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