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Its on the right side of the engine if you are looking at the engine from the front of the car. Its a black cyllinder about 2.5 inches in diameter and about 5 inches tall with some wires that go into the top of it. There are two hex head bolts that hold it in, the rearmost is rather hard to get to unless you have an extension for your ratchet.

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Q: You have a 1999 Saturn sl where is the egr valve?
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What are the symptoms of a bad EGR valve in a 2000 Saturn SL?

A bad EGR valve in a 2000 Saturn can have several symptoms. The EGR valve can cause misfires, the valve can cause vacuum leak style problems. There could also be an engine knock.

Where is the EGR valve on a 1994 Saturn SL?

Under the air box on the back of the intake manifold

Where is fuel filter and egr valve on 1999 Saturn sl?

Fuel filter will be mounted underneath the car towards the back. Looks like a stainless steel cup. The EGR valve is going to be on top of the engine near the air intake tube. It's an odd shaped item about as big as a small fist.

How do you replace the ignition switch on1996 Saturn sl?

ignition switch saturn sl 1999

Where is the erg valve on a 98 Saturn SL?

the egr valve is on the back of the engine about 3 inches round with a 5 wire connector going to it. It is right beside the breather tube going into the engine

How much does it cost to repair a clutch on a 1999 Saturn sl?

The average cost of repairing a clutch on a 1999 Saturn SL is anywhere between $400 to $3000. The Saturn SL was produced from 1990 to 2002.

Where is the EGR valve on a 1996 Saturn SL?

It is to the right of the vavle cover when standing in front of the engine bay it is the cylindrical canister looking object with a plug going in to the top two 10mm bolts hold it in place not the usual looking EGR valve for sure

How do you clear the EGR pathways if they're clogged on a 1995 Saturn Sl?

Remove EGR. Start car. This will blow out any carbon in the chambers. Also clean the EGR.

What size is the oil drain plug on a 1999 Saturn SL?


Where is the fuel pump located on a 1999 Saturn SL?

in the gas tank

What is the radio unlock code for a 1999 Saturn sl?

I do believe you have to get this from the dealership.

Where is fuel filter located in 1999 Saturn SL?

The fuel filter in a 1999 Saturn SL is located inside the frame rail on the driver's side on the left. It is found near the fuel tank, under the master cylinder.

Where is the fuse for the windshield wipers on a 1999 Saturn sl?

IIRC its in the underhood fuse box

Does a 1999 4-cylinder sl Saturn have a timing belt?

( no ) The 1.9 liter four cylinder engine in a 1999 Saturn S series has a timing CHAIN

Where is the MAF sensor located on a 1999 Saturn SL-1?

under the air box

1999 Saturn SL will not run when put into drive?

Transmission sounds shot. Check ATF fluid.

How do you remove oil pan on 1999 Saturn sl?

You must remove the Timing chain cover and engine girdle.

Where is the Saturn SL pcv hose assembly?

The PCV is located on the valve cover. Its the one thing on a s-series that should rattle :) -RC-

Where is the map sensor located in a 1999 Saturn sl?

The MAP is located in the engine compartment near the engine. Hope this helps you out!

Where will the brain box OBD2 be located for 1999 Saturn SL?

The control computer is behind the dashboard, to the right of the glove box.

How do I repair radiator support on 99 Saturn sl?

You will need to weld the radiator support in your 1999 Saturn SL in order to repair it. You can also replace the support if you are not able to weld the damaged area. Remember to unplug the battery before beginning the welding project.

What is the average cost to repair a busted linkage on a 1995-1999 Saturn SL?

I have a 99 Saturn and for my broken linkage I paid about $350.00 It was the best price I could find.

Where is the anti theft relay for 1999 Saturn sl?

i also need to know where this is im having problems with my anti theft system.

Where is the fusible link on 1999 Saturn SL?

It is between the alternator and starter, on the firewall side of the engine, nearer to the passenger side of the car.

What is wrong with my 1996 Saturn SL DOHC if spark plugs need to be changed every few weeks because of misfiring at highway speed even though plug wires coil EGR have all been replaced?

Could be getting oil deposits on them,which means your engine is getting worn i.e. piston rings,valve guides or valve seals.Hope this helps.