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Normally the sign of a bad resistor pack is that is only works on high. But it can in some instances quit working all together. I assume you have checked for a blown fuse. It can also be a bad blower moter speed switch.

Answerok, I have a 98 XJ - the blower stopped. Mechanic wanted to replace the blower.said it would cost near $300.00 CDN for the part (plus labour and taxes)

The auto wreckers had a blower motor for $50.00 with a 30 day gaurantee.

I puller the blower out myself (not too hard) - went to a small electric motor repair shop had my motor repaired for 45.00 plus taxes =51.00 and I got a 6 month warranty!

however the module or regulator you might call it (or resistor) that goes between the switch and hte blower was also fried.

The wreckers had one for 40.00 but it was the wrong year an aftermarket place had one for 116.00the dealer had one for 69.00 +taxes so I got that one but I have notbeen able to figure out where it goes yet.

Im assuming its under the dash somwehere - its just a small plug in part. with two small coils wires and a resistor.

It regualtes the amount of power going from the switch to the blower.

If its fried, your blower will only work on high.

If your blower doesnt work at all it could ba a fuse as mentioned above but it could also mean the blower itself wants repairing.


I had the same situation for the power window regulator which I fixed myself for free (labour only) dealer wanted 300.00 for the entire assembly (plus labour) but the motor worked fine just needed re-attaching.

these days noone wants to repair things, only replace them - its faster and they can charge you more money.

good luck.

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Q: You have a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee and the heater blower stopped working you had the blower checked and the blower is fine why wont it blow anything someone told you it is the resistor is that true p?
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