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There could be a problem with the jetting (for your altitude) or the condition of the air filter (dirty?). These are what I would check first.

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2007-06-16 23:17:02
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Q: You have a 2000 KTM 125SX and the problem is it won't kick start when it's warm It will start in one or two kicks when it's cold the gas is off and the choke is on You replaced the spark plug it has?
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Why would your car sometimes makes a low groan and not start but if you turn the key to the ON position for a few seconds then turn the key while pressing the gas it will start?

It could be that your choke is not kicking on right away. Once the iginition is turned on for a bit, the choke kicks on allowing your vehicle to then start up no problem. Maybe a bad wire to the the choke or something of that matter. I am currently having the same problem and I'm trying to figure out what is exactly wrong with it. Hope it helps you out a bit. PEACE

Why does 2003 Olds silhouette overheat?

I have the same problem on my 2002. I have replaced the relay switch, verified the fan kicks on, verified the upper radiator hose is hot. I am going to replace the thermostat to see if that helps...

Why is your Ford Fiesta sluggish when cold you have to over gas it until it kicks in then it is ok till it is cold again?

if it's carburated, it's because your choke is on. choke basically dumps more fuel into your carb when it's cold. normal

Why does a Datsun backfire after acceleration already replaced the plugs wiresdist capdistributor coils after the choke kicks off it will not take the gas it spits and sputters and backfires loud?

There are many things that can cause this issue. It could be that the timing is not set correctly or that the timing chain or belt is stretched causing the car to be out of time.

What happens to the soccer ball when the team on offense kicks the ball over the goal?

it is replaced by the security with another one.

My 99 sunfire starts then shuts off replaced batt replaced the inigition switch also replaced starter relay the car starts kicks on high idle then shuts right off?

Sounds like your theft deterent system is engaged; for that you will need to go to the dealer (tow car to dealer). My 1996 had the same problem. They will have to replace the module in the dash or re-work it.

Do people choke horses to settle them?

no people do not choke horses to settle them a method i use is to lower there head to the ground like to eat grass of move them in a tight circle. this will calm them down but if a horse gets frightened and pulls/kicks t you let go of the rope.

Why 1992 jeep Cherokee 6-cylinder cold weather starting problems fuel relay kicks on cranking and no luck until you flood start it you hold the petal to the floor and hold the key eventually starts?

your problem is more than like the automatic choke.....they fail alot in the older model 6cyl

How do you start a 1985 Suzuki sp600?

I have the same bike. but instead of the TDC sequesnce you have going i just pull in the release lever and give it a big kick, with full choke, if its ran over a minute i use half choke. and if its ran more then 5 minutes i use no choke. I'm sure every bike is different even if it the same make and model. its irritating when it kicks back.

Replaced fuel pump in1993 jeep grand Cherokee but still have to turn key over 10 or so times until fuel pump kicks in then it will start Replaced fuel relay still having problem?

I have the exact same problem. After replacing the fuel pump everything was fine. Now the fuel pump does not always kick on and you have to turn the ignition on and off until you hear the fuel pump kick in. Went to start this morning and fuel pump did not kick in, still wont. So I checked the relays, all good. Now the fuel pump kicks on but it still wont start. Did the computer on this thing die?

1989 Aerostar 3.0 The fuel pump kicks on some times and sometimes not now not at all replaced fuel pumpfuel relay chkd the connection at the inertia switchgood so is the inertia badwhatelse is there?

scrap it is probably the pump itself I posted the problem, It was the inertia switch

What causes a contactor for a 3 phase motor to kick in and out. Tha contactor was replaced with the heaters and still kicks in amd out?

See discuss question below.

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