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It's the brake calipers. Probably around $400 to replace in a shop.

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Why do my brakes on a 97 dodge ram make a ticking noise when I apply them?

Its not your brakes making the noise. Most liklly your CV joint is warn out.

When you push on the brakes do all tires stop?

no, just the wheels the brakes apply to, usually the front brakes

Car pull to the right when brakes are apply?

Time for new brakes or adjustment.

How do you join a gang on hobo wars?

You apply for a gang at the gangs alley by clicking on their name and clicking apply on the bottom of the screen (wickedsweeet0026 from hobo wars).

What causes a clicking or chirping sound from the wheel well area on a 2003 Buick Lesabre?

Possibly a defective CV joint if it happens in turns, or if it only happens when you apply the brakes, then it needs new pads.

Why does my ford expedition make a clicking noise when I apply the brakes?

Loose front end components--check ball joint tie rod ends Check to make sure pads are installed properly

How do you know if your brakes need replacing?

When you are driving slowly with your foot off the brakes you will hear a scraping noise. The noise will go away when you apply the brakes. What you are hearing is the wear indicators making contact with the rotor surface after the pad lining have worn down to a certain level. Not all brakes uses wear indicators. VBD

When stopping a car with anti lock brakes abruptly you should?

Apply the brakes hard and steer out of danger.

What do you do if you must stop suddenly in an emergency?

If your vehicle has abs brakes, just apply the brakes hard and steer away from danger. If the vehicle does not have abs brakes, try to apply the brakes without locking up the wheels and going into a skid then steer away from danger. If you lock up the brakes and go into a skid you will lose control of your steering.

Your brakes are making a grinding sound when you apply the brakes on a vauxhall zafira?

The grinding sound means that the brake pads are worn down to metal and that sound you hear is metal to metal. you need to have the pads changed, the problem is that you will more than likely have to change the rotors also. The way to avoid this in the future is when you notice your brakes are making a squealing sound that means that the pads will need to be changed soon.

What should you do if your brakes become wet?

While driving, apply the brakes gently for a short distance, as you maintain your speed.

How can you apply for x factor 2009?

you can apply for the x factor 2010 by going to www.xfactor.com and then after just simply clicking onto apply. and its that easy!!!!!!

It was recommended to me to apply the brakes while driving through a puddle because having the shoes or pads pressing against the drums or disc will help keep water out. Is this True?

No, that is not true. Water is going to get on the rotor and on the pads no matter what you do. This water will quickly evaporate once you apply the brakes. Even if you do not apply the brakes centrifugal force will remove the water as you drive. Once you apply the brakes the heat created will remove the water very quickly. You may experience a slight loss of good braking the first time you apply the brakes after going through water which is normal.

The parking brake brakes which wheels?

Parking brakes apply generally on rear wheels to control enough sliding of the vehicle.

Why does your car shake when your foot is off the brakes?

vacuum leak 65 power brakes run off a vacuum, when you apply your brakes you stop the air leak. 65;

How do you release the back brakes on a astra van there coming on before the front ones?

your back brakes are supposed to apply before your front brakes, they do this so your car does not take a nose dive every time you apply the brakes. but if it is very noticeable i would check the adjustment of your rear brakes (if you have a disc/drum setup) or i would check your proportioning valve if they are locking up

How do aircraft apply brakes when landing?

Almost all airplanes have hydrlic disc brakes very similar to your car. However, high-performance airplanes also have spoilers that deploy once the wheels touch the ground. The spoilers are also called air-brakes and during landing they " destroy" lift and transfer the weight from the wings to the wheels and therefore making the disc brakes more effective.

How do you brake on a motor bike?

Ease up on the throttle, apply the brakes.

Self apply of the brakes are cuased by what?

Could be contaminated brake fluid

If while riding a motorcycle on highway 90 at 20 ms a car stops suddenly in front of you. You apply the brakes and come to a stop in 3.5 sec. Assume time zero is the instant you first apply the brakes?

The answer will depend on the quality of the brakes on your motorcycle, how hard you apply them, the road conditions (dry/wet). So there is no single answer.

Breifly describe how applying the brakes to stop a bicycle is an example of force?

The brakes apply force to the wheel, causing friction which stops it.

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