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Thermostat is partly closed replace thermostat with a fail safe thermostat

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Q: You have a 2000 grand prix. on acceleration the temp drops and there is no pressure in upper hose.stays steady at 180 degrees should be 195 any ideas?
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What is the operating pressure for a 134a freon system with a capillary tube on a backbar cooler?

Evaporator temp should be 15 Degrees. Gauge pressure should be around 15psig

What should the oil pressure gauge read at idle and during acceleration in a 2004 Tahoe 5.3L?

between 35/60 psi.

What temp should tire pressure be checked?

52 degrees Celsius

What is the recommend fuel pressure for a 1998 ford escort?

The fuel pressure on a 1998 Ford Escort should be between 40 and 60 psi at idle and not drop below 35psi under acceleration.

What is the definition of moist heat sterilization?

Sterilization with steam under pressure. mainly at 121 degrees C, 15 pounds of pressure and for 20 mins. Pressure should be 1.2 Kg/cm

Why is it better to ckeck tire pressure when its cold?

you should always check your tire inflation pressure when your tires are cold, and inflate them to the recommended pressure at that time. A good estimate to use when comparing tire pressure to air temperature is for every 10 degrees F, tire pressure will adjust by 1 psi. For example, if the outside air temperature increases 10 degrees, the tire pressure will increase by 1 psi. Conversely, if the air temperature falls 10 degrees, the tire pressure will decrease by 1 psi.

Should acceleration be constant?

Acceleration must be constant to use kinematic equations. Acceleration need not be constant if working with energy.

What is the volume of 1 cu ft of water vapor at 1750 degrees F and atomspheric pressure when cooled to 100 degrees F?

Should this question be? = What is the volume of 1 cu ft of water vapor at 100 degrees F and atmospheric pressure? = It's initial volume doesn't matter as you only want to know what its final volume is.

What should the suction pressure be on a heat pump with outside temp being approximately 34 degrees F?

Look at the charging chart in the unit for the answer.

1986 Lincoln town car should the airconditioer kick out on acceleration?

Some cars have a switch that shuts down the ac when the peddle is maxed out for horsepower increase. But you could also be low on refrigerant, which will make the low pressure switch shut it off on acceleration and not at idle. Check the charge. You should have between 35 to 45 psi at idle. And it should stay around 30psi when you raise the rpm.

If you triple the net force on an object the acceleration will?

The net force equals mass times acceleration. So if mass is held constant then the acceleration should also triple.

Immediate remedy for sudden drop in blood pressure?

The first thing one should do is lay down and raise the legs ten to twenty degrees.

When removing oil from a low pressure system the temperature should be 130 degrees f because?

Less refrigerant will be contained in the oil at the higher temperature

What is the boiling point celsius?

Generally this question is asked in reference to water (which is ~100 degrees Celsius) It should be pointed out that the fact that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius and freezes at 0 degrees Celsius at one atmosphere pressure (760 mm Hg) is not a fluke. It was purposely scaled to to water. In general the boiling point is the temperature at which the vapor pressure of a liquid equals the external pressure acting on the liquid. On Earth in the open air the boiling point of a liquid depends on atmospheric pressure. As a consequence the boiling point becomes lower as the external pressure is reduced - as when you go to the peak of a mountain.

What should be the freezing point of water if its boiling point is greater than a 100 degrees?

Water boils at a temperature greater than 100 oC if the pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure but this has no effect on melting point.

What happen to the acceleration of the cart as you decrease the the washers in the pan?

Decreasing washers in the pan decreases mass, so acceleration should increase.

Why does gravity make falling objects fall faster?

By Newton's Second Law: force = mass x acceleration, or acceleration = force / mass. Since there is a force, there should be an acceleration - a change of velocity.

What is the correct fuel pressure for a 1991 dodge stealth?

at idle between 25-35 on acceleration it should get up to around 50psi. if it drops fuel pump is bad you can purchase one on eBay for around $80

When you add up three angles in a triangle they should total degrees?

yes they should. i it should total= 180 degrees

What should be our head pressure on a R22 unit on a 90 degree day?

265 PSI which equals 120 Degrees Fahrenheit, basically you add about 30 to 35 degrees to the outdoor ambient temperature example 90 degree day at 30 to 35degrees which equals 120 degrees on the high side

How are the direction of the an objects acceleration and direction of the same object change in velocity related?

Acceleration is change in velocity so the direction should be the same

What temperature do you set an egg incubator to?

It depends on the type of fowl you are trying to hatch. Chickens eggs should be incubated at 100 degrees Turkeys eggs should be incubated at 99 degrees Ducks eggs should be incubated at 100 degrees Geese eggs should be incubated at 99 degrees Guinea Fowl eggs should be incubated at 100 degrees

What is the supplement of 45?

The supplementary angle of 45 degrees is 135 degrees.

Should you sail with high or low pressure?

You should generally sail with high pressure, as low pressure often brings storms.

What should the fuel pressure be on a 1991 suburban and with the key on should it build pressure and then drop to zero.?

Fuel pressure should read no less then 9 LBS. and no more then 13 LBS. And yes it should hold the pressure with key on, engine off.