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probably not. try warming up vehicle & see if that helps. if that helps change fluid & filter inside tranny. if filter gets dirty fluid dont flow right

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Q: You have a 2001 Dodge van 3500 and gears will not go in some and speedometer doesn't work to you have been told that to fix the speedometer problem and your trans will kick in is that true?
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Why would the odometer on a 1990 Dodge Ram quit working while the speedometer continues to work?

If you open the odometer, there are two small plastic gears. One is connected to the speedometer, the other to the odometer. The speedometer gear drives the odometer gear. In all likelihood, one of these gears is missing a few teeth. I have the same problem with my Ramcharger, same year.

My 168000 mile 1998 dodge grand caravan check engine light went on after a power surgeloss and the speedometer went up and down and finally all gears clunk is this a gear trans. or TCM problem?

If the gears are clunking in the transmission, this is a transmission problem in a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan. The fact that the speedometer went up and back down suggests that the transmission slipped. It is more likely that a gear belt in the transmission failed, than something being wrong with the transfer case module or TCM.

Would the speedometer have anything to do with gears not changing in an automatic 1993 dodge caravan?

It could, vehicle speed is very important in shift scheduals

Where do you find Chevy speedometer gears?

http:/www.tciauto.comTCI has drive gears, driven gears & calculators.

1996 ford ranger Odometer and Trip gauge don't work but Speedometer works. How can I fix this Thanks?

Speedometer is ran by electronic sensor on rear end. Odometer is ran from speedometer. If both don't work problem is sensor. If speedometer works sensor is okay. If speedometer works and odometer does not problem is in mechanical parts (gears) of of odometer and has to be replaced. Can get used from eBay (search for speedometer or odometer, is one unit) or take to dealer.

Why might your 2000 Dodge Dakota not shift into the correct gears?

Have you ever had the linkage adjusted? 90% chance this is the problem.

What is wrong with a speedometer on a 1993 Nissan sentra when the mileage is not turning?

If speedometer itself is working then gears inside the assembly are damaged.

Your speedometer is making noise like ticking?

Have had this on my toyota. Internally on the speedometer there are a set of gears that are lubricated with grease. They dry out over time and loose the lubrication causing a click. Mine was time consuming t get out but easy enough to do. I gained access to the gears thru a hole and sprayed in a teflon lube. FIxed the problem nicely. Jonathon

What would cause the speedometer to not work and the odometer to work on a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

The gears in the speedometer are stripped. If the odometer is working then you have input.

1971pontiac lemans the speedometer sHow is more sped then actual sped?

There are different sized gears that install in the transmission to fix your problem. Follow the speedometer cable down to the transmission. Unscrew it. There will be one bolt that holds the gear in place. Remove it and take out the entire unit. Different gears are different colors. You'll probably have to experiment to figure out which one you need. Some parts stores and most dealers carry these gears.

When should a speedometer be calibrated?

when you get bigger tires, or different rear end gears.

If you changed the battery in a 1993 Dodge Intrepid 3.3 automatic and now it will not change gears what could be the problem?

check your alternator it might be bad.

Is dodge viper automatic?

no it has 6 gears

98 Dodge Neon Automatic shifts gears late what could be the problem and how much to fix?

check transmission fluid then go to transmission mechanic. problem may be in computer and be a simple fix

How does tire size affect the speedometer in a car?

The speedometer in a car runs based off the speed of the transmission. The gears in the transmission spin at a known rate for the speed the vehicle is traveling at. The faster the gears spin the more the speedometer goes up. If a person replaces stock tires with larger tires, then the tires will spin slower, which will cause the speedometer to read at a value that is less than the actual speed.

What causes an odometer not to work on a 1987 BMW 325is?

If the odometer is not working but the speedometer is still indicating speed, the most likely fault is a set of small plastic gears inside the speedometer instrument itself. I have seen these gears available for sale at various BMW parts specialists. Removing the dash cluster for access to the speedometer is not difficult in a 1987 E30 car. With the cluster on the bench, you can repair the speedometer gears or replace the whole thing. Used speedometers are plentiful at on-line auction sites such as eBay.

Are the gears the same on a 1500 and 2500 dodge 1997?


How does cole die in gears of war 3?

he doesnt die

What do you need to change a 700R4 speedometer that is electric to a cable speedometer?

The early 700R4 transmissions had a cable drive speedo. Maybe you can swap the tail housing and gears over.

1986 dodge truck won't start unless you turn distributor out of time?

Probably a valve timing problem. Check your timing gears and chain/belt.

Why does 94 cavalier an automatic not shift gears sometimes but does other times and speedometer not always work?

sounds like the speed sensor. it sends a signal to both the speedometer and the transmission

Will changing my differential gears to 410's change my speedometer in my 2002 camaro z28I currently have 323 in my automatic tranny.?

changing the gears in a rear will mess up your speedometer. you need to reset the computer through a hypertech power programmer or some equivalent programmer.

Your Chevy blazer speedometer stoped working and wont shift gears?

Speed sensor on Trans, or buffer behind dash... OR, any broken wires in this circuit. Very common problem on this and many other vehicles.

How many gears does a dodge neon 2.0 have?

Automatic Dodge Neons had a 3-speed automatic transmission.

What rear end gears came in 1971 dodge darts?

you could get 2.92, 3.23, and 3.55, and 3.90 gears in the darts