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Sounds like you are loesing the live for the radio when the engine is running cheak the ignition barrel is ok Just an idea Oliver

2006-10-24 19:59:37
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Why does an engine keep running when ignition key is turned off?

Its not your engine. Its the fan running to cool the engine down. They all do it and nothing is wrong with your car.

Why does my Car engine continue running when the ignition is switch off?

It sounds like your dizzy cap isn't lined right which causes the engine to stay running after the ignition has been switched off. i had the same problem with my fiesta

Why is the engine management light flashing?

If the check engine light is flashing when the engine is running , that indicates that an ignition misfire has been detected

125 automatic stops running after mower has been running for a while?

Sounds like the engine heats and the ignition fails.

Why is Subaru legacy engine running after ignition switched off?

subaru legacy engine is switched off when stop after drive

Why does freightliner truck engine keep running with key turned off?

Faulty ignition switch.

Why does your ignition remain running when the demister is on and why does the engine cut out when you turn the demister off?

subaru turbos do that to

Why do diesel vehicles need to be kept running?

A diesel vehicles does not need to be running. A diesel ignition in a Diesel engine comes from compression and not spark.

What is spark ignition engine?

A 'spark ignition ' engine is your regular gasoline engine as opposed to a diesel, which is a 'compression ignition' engine

How do you turn off the headlights while the engine is running on a 2003 Toyota Tundra?

If you are parked with the motor running, engage the parking/emergency brake. Turn the ignition off and restart the engine. The daytime running lights should not be on.

Engine light blinking running rough shaking when idling?

If your check engine light is blinking that means an ignition misfire has been detected

Does the 1995 jeep need to be running to read OBD codes?

No but, the ignition has to be on (KOEO, Key On Engine Off).

How do you recharge Audi key fob for A4?

If it is a B8 it should charge in the ignition while the engine is running...

What can make a battery drain when car is not running?

mainly leaving your lights on when the engine is of or leaving the keys in the ignition

Why is the ac fan keeps running on my 2005 grand prix after the ignition is off?

Engine running hot and cooling fan working to cool it down?

Why does your car stop running when the key is released?

If the engine stops running when the key is released, then the ignition switch is probably bad. The switch will need to be replaced.

Why would the AC and turn signals work when the engine is off but not when it is running?

Most likely is a bad ignition switch.

What instrument or instruments should be used to perform ignition timing on a running engine?

A dwell/ tachometer, and a timing light.

What would cause the engine to shut off?

An internal combustion engine needs fuel, oxygen, and an ignition source. If any are missing, it would stop running.

Is there a difference between the ignition system and the starter system in a car?

Yes, the ignition system starts the car and keeps it running. The starter system only turns the engine over.

Where is the engine management and ignition sensor on 2003 Nissan altima?

There are dozens of sensor that have to do with engine management and ignition all over the engine.There are dozens of sensor that have to do with engine management and ignition all over the engine.

What is the difference between spark ignition and compression ignition engine?

A spark ignition engine is a gasoline engine. A compression ignition is a diesel engine.basic difference between compression and spark ignition engine is ,compression ignition is a diesel engine. spark ignition is a gasoline engine.diesel engines compress the fuel to a point where the fuel explodes, thus giving ignitiongasoline does not compress to explosion, therefore it needs need a spark to ignite the fuelspark ign. is gasoline. comp. ign. is diesel.A compression ignition engine is typically a diesel. It compresses air so much that the heat from the compression is enough to cause the fuel to ignited once injected. A spark ignition engine is your average gasoline-burning car engine. It uses a spark plug to ignite the air/fuel mixture instead of relying on compretssion ignition.A compression ignition engine uses very high compression of the air to heat it self up and the fuel is injected into the cylinder which self ignites (a diesel engine is a compression ignition engine).A spark ignition engine uses a lower compression ratio and requires the use of a spark to ignite the fuel (a petrol engine is a spark ignition engine).Because the oils used for a diesel have a higher calorific value, they have a better fuel economy, They also do not need extra energy usage to keep the engine running, unlike the energy that is lost to power the spark plugs from the generator/alternator which is taken from the useful energy produced by the engine.

Could ignition cause sudden engine failure?

Ignition is required for an engine to work. Failure of ignition would prevent the engine working.

What is a Compressor Ignition Internal Combustion Engine?

I think you have a typographical error in your question. The question I believe is "What is a compression ignition engine?" The answer is:- A diesel engine is a compression ignition engine.

What type of engine oil for 1979 mercury 7.5hp?

I'd go with Quicksilver.